Sensore is the MetaTrix's transformational lock of an Extransensorial Toad from the planet Extrasensoria. She is NOT an Incursean.


Sensore resembles a white and purple Toad with black sclera and purple irises, he also has a few small vestigial legs on its body.


Sensore has various telepathic abilities, most of all she can throw enemies back with advanced telekinetic constructs, and also generate other constructs through her mind.

Planet and Race information

Sensore is an Extrasensorial Toad, a race of psychic beings who tend to use their psychic abilities to mess with others, they deck out their own planets with tons of traps only THEY know, each trap is used to set an enemy off.

Extrasensoria is a generally nice planet, usually looking similar to Ledgerdomain because of it's multiple colors and separated ground,


  • Sensore was actually an original alien, his name was originally changed to Triedge but i decided to turn them into separate characters.
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