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Sen15 is a franchise created by Sen100.The first episode of Sen15,"The watch that hid secrets" aired on BTFF on 30 august 2016 and is still running.


Sen Luis Ajen is a boy of 13 and is studying in Succesive international school and gets a Alien device which Attaches itself to his arm which transform into Aliens.Now Sen is Determined to stop evil on earth by using the Device named Cosmotrix but will he be able to stop evil on earth or will he fail in his mission?Read Sen15:The beginning to find out!


Sen15:The beginning is still running and has since released 4 episodes.Read Sen15/Episode Guide to find out


Main Characters

  • Sen Luis Ajen
  • Mike Joshua
  • Michael Willaim
  • Ethan Jose Caleb

Sen's Family

  • Amily Isabella Ajen(Sen's Mom)
  • Ryan Henry Ajen(Sen's Dad)


Mr.Huritt(Sen's Teacher)