Selu is a female Appoplexian (Rath's species). She is the strongest, and the dumbest of the group. Although she sometimes has moments when she is super smart, Keith has a crush on her. She hates Vulpimancers (Wildmutt's species)

Selu Human

Sparkle(Selu's Human Form)


  • She is the only member of the gang to be based of an Alien Force alien.
  • Ironically, she is the dumbest and strongest of the group while most female characters are the smart/delicate one of the group.
  • A new photo will be made.
  • She does not appear in The Crossover, Great Legend War for reasons explained later.
  • A dark secret about her will be revealed in the episode, The Poacher.
  • In a later episode of Season 1 of Splix 10 it will be revealed she speaks with an accent.

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