General Information
Species  ?
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Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Lava, Earthquakes, Ravines, Underground Travel
Seismec is an alien created by Joe.


It was confirmed that Seismec is made out of small-scale techtonic plates. These said plates are strong enough to hold molten lava inside them. Unlike most of Joe's other aliens, Seismec does not have green eyes; in fact, he does not have eyes at all. He has multiple divots in his figure, and his arms are disconnected from his body. His feet resemble Ben Tennyson's alien, Heatblast.


One of Seismec's powers are to create earthquakes, hence the name. He can also expel interal molten lava as a weapon, from his claw-like hands and his four empty eye sockets. Also, not having eyes is not a problem to Seismec. He can simply pick up seismic waves from the ground, sort of like vibrations. Seismec can sense the smallest of vibrations, even those of an ant.


Seismec is weak in cold weather, as it will freeze his internal lava.


It is said that at the beginning of time, Seismec's race was 100% lava. But as years progressed, it got cooler. This resulted in most of the lava hardening into granite and stone, therefore, Seismec's race has a solid stone exoskeleton.


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