The Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Segmentasapien.

Segmentasapiens are Bloxx's species from the planet Polyominus.


Segmentasapiens' appearance is similar to a gorilla made out of building blocks. They are red, yellow, and blue with black lines all over their bodies. Their feet are curved at the back of them.

Segmentasapiens from Dimension 23 are white, light blue, and gray instead of red, yellow, and blue.


Segmentasapiens are one of the oldest lifeforms in the universe and are capable of rearranging their matter to create a vast variety of shapes and forms.

Segmentasapiens evolved in response to constant invasions of Polyominus. To avoid detection, Segmentasapiens began to transform themselves into the very architecture of Polyominus.

Powers and Abilities

Segmentasapiens have the ability of shapeshifting and can transform into a variety of shapes, such as a cage or net.If their body is broken, Segmentasapiens can regenerate. They can also survive explosions because of their regeneration ability.

Notable Segmentasapiens

  • Bloxx (Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Segmetasapien)
  • Build-A-Guy (Dimension 23 Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Segmentasapien)
  • LEGOrilla (Dimension 23 version of Bloxx in Ben 23)
  • Segmentasapien prisoner from Alpha Returns
  • UEE (Half Segmentasapien)
  • Brixx (the Atomnitrix's DNA sample of a Segmentasapien)
  • Bloky (the Dashitrix's DNA sample of a Segmentasapien)


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