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Seeking the Legends is a fan made episode of The OmniHeroes! It is written by Rex.


An 15-year old boy, Rex AKA Ray, wields the Legendary Duotrix. He enters the Omniverse & meets a new villain, Diablo.


Ray is running through Bellwood Forest.

Ray: What do those crooks wants! Of course!

He pressed the Duotrix.

Ray: Four Arms! Crooks! Come out, come out wherever you are!

Suddenly a green portal swallowed Ray. He fell onto the floor, back to normal.

Ray: Where am I? Why am I in a green aura? What's this?

His Duotrix was showing different aliens.

Ray: Eenie, meeie, minie, mo. This alien will get the show on the road!

He transformed into Perseus.

Ray: Woah! I'm so giant! What is this alien!

???: Ray the Duotrix Wielder. I have I been wanting you.

Ray: Diablo! I thought my legendary power killed you, 5 years ago!!

Diablo: I never would have been killed by you, weak human. I am the master of evil!

Ray: Well, you live here now?

Diablo: After you "killed" me, I woke up in here, The Omniverse, where The OmniHeroes were created! Like you, Ray.

Ray: I'm an OmniHero?! Sweet!

Diablo: Ray, I plan on killing OmniHeroes!

Ray: Well, I will kill you!

Joe: With the of me!

Ray: Joe?!

To be Countinued....


  • Ray
  • Joe

Aliens Used[]

  • Four Arms (Cameo)


  • Crooks