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"Secret Omni-origins Part 1" is the 38th episode of Ben 10: Peace in Dimensions.


Max tells Ben of the Omnitrix' story. After Azmuth builds it, he gave it to Zennith, but she doesn't wanted it.

Azmuth tries to give it to noble warrios around the galaxy, but noboby wants to. Many villians searched for it. Azmuth then send it to his old friend Xylene and she send it to Max, but Ben found it instead.

Max says he many other stories, but not today. Now, they must escape. Ben leads the way out as NRG. Max then says he must tell a another story. In the TMNT 2k3 timeline in the future, Azmuth gaves it to Leonardo to finally take down the three Shredders.

Leo losed and gets killed in the battle. He never used alien, but he releases them from the watch. Ch'rell absorbs ever 1,000,910 aliens and become the ultimate "champion" in that universe.

Ben says he would take that case another day. Ben as Ripjaws swims trought the water on the planet to make a bridge Max can go on. He then uses Ultimate Swampfire to make the bridge.

Max tells about his first meet with Vilgax. He knows that he would be evil and powerpul, but not so mutch. He have never seen a so mad creature in his life.

Ben and Max, back on Earth, awaits Julie's baby. But before she could born it, Ben is teleported away back to the planet. Julie born her son, and calls him Courage, like "Courage the Cowardly Dog". She then dies in Max's arms and says she wouldn't want to have a children alone. Max now take care of the children and Julie's Omnitrix.

Ben is stuck on the planet and cannot came away!


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Maxwell Tennyson
  • Azmuth
  • Xylene
  • Many noble heroes
  • Vilgax
  • Zennith
  • Julie Yamamoto
  • Courage Yamamoto

Aliens used[]

  • NRG
  • Ripjaws
  • Ultimate Swampfire