Mutant Drake
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date 11/29/15
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
Episode Guide
Second Thoughts is the seventh episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, again, the buildings are seen standing tall as the sky has its blue tone but with more of an orange shade to it. Among the buildings is Kate's apartment building. 

Palatial Valley Apartments
November 28, 19:30 EDT
 Inside, Kate is seen sitting on her couch while her father comes from the other rooms, attempting to tie his tie.

Detective Wilson, tying tie: Sweetheart, I'm going to the precinct.

Kate, looking at her father: Already?

Detective Wilson: I know. I know. I just got the call. (puts on coat) You staying in today?

Kate, looking back at the TV: Yeah. Just might.

Detective Wilson: You haven't been wanting to go outside in a while now, aside from work. Everything alright?

Kate: I thought you wanted me to stay home more.

Detective Wilson: I guess that's true. (turning to the window) (attempts to tie his tie again) There are a bunch of freaks out there.

Kate gets up from the couch which gives the view of the TV which is revealed to be off this entire time. Kate walks over to her father and taps him on the shoulder. He turns around to face her. Kate then ties his tie for him, within seconds.

Detective Wilson: Thanks. I'll be back before morning this time. (kisses Kate on the forehead) (leaves for the door) Bye, sweetheart.

Kate: See ya, Dad.

Detective Wilson opens the door, steps outside and closes it behind him. Kate then sits now in the chair behind her which is in front of the desk by the window. She reclines back in the chair, looks up at the ceiling and exhales. There is then a knocking heard. Kate continues looking at the ceiling, her eyes widening. The knocking is heard again, three knocks, like before. The knocking sounds like its against a specific material, glass. Kate pushes back up and turns her head towards the knocking noise. She then sees Drake, with his wing form activated, hood on, knocking on the window, from the outside. Kate then jumps out of her chair and backs into it as she gets up. Kate then turns around, looking at the hallway leading to the other rooms. She turns back to the window and points to the hallway. Drake nods and flies towards the back of the apartment. Kate then exhales sharply.

Title Sequence

On a balcony, Drake is seen, waiting, with his hood still on. In front of him are glass windows through the window, a room is seen. Kate then appears to the door and opens it from the inside, sliding it with a handle in hand. She steps out into the balcony slightly.

Drake: Kate, we need to talk.

Kate: Yeah, hi, um- What are you doing here?

Drake: I'm here to talk.

Kate: No yeah, I get that but why are you at my apartment?

Drake: You stopped coming to the spot.

Kate: Because I don't feel like talking anymore, Drake.

Drake: Why?

Kate: Why? You left me on top of a rooftop. Look, let's just have this conversation inside, okay?

Drake nods and enters the apartment. Kate looks at Drake enter then looks back at the balcony.

Kate, to herself: Oh my gosh, my dad's gonna kill me.

Kate closes the balcony door and turns around. Drake is no where to be seen.

Kate: Drake?

Kate walks around the room. There's a blue rug on the floor, a large bed, a wooden dresser, two end tables by the sides of the bed with lamps on them. This is a bedroom. Kate exits the room and looks in the hallway. She sees Drake peeking into one of the rooms. Kate instantly jumps from the bedroom and goes after Drake.

Kate: No. No. Stop. No.

Drake: I was just looking.

Kate: No. You don't- No. You don't just go peeking into my room.

Drake: Why is it so pink?

Kate: Just go in the living room.

Drake: But-

Kate, sternly: Go.

Drake then looks at Kate then turns around and goes to the living room. Kate follows after him.

Kate: Sit.

Drake sits on the couch.

Drake: You sound upset.

Kate: I am upset. You left me on a rooftop, Drake.

Drake: I was trying to keep you safe. There were infected in the area.

Kate: I would have died anyways or do you not remember the bomb that would have wiped out the city?

Drake: Oh.

Kate, mocking: Oh.

Drake: Well, what could I do, Kate? I had a chance to stop him and I took it.

Kate: Why make that risk, Drake?

Drake: I still kept you safe. If I never took that risk, the bomb would have wiped out the city and if I didn't leave you on that rooftop, you would have been infected.

Kate: You could have died, Drake.

Drake: ...Why do you care about me instead of yourself? I'm not important.

Kate, sitting next to him: Don't say that.

Drake: I'm not.

Kate: Drake, you are important.

Drake: (shakes his head) I've been looking for a purpose in life, Kate, I have. I really have. And the only one that I can seem to find is saving this city even though its been doomed from the start.

Kate: What do you mean?

Drake: You're a reporter, right?

Kate: Journalist-in-training.

Drake: Same thing, I think. You go on the streets and you look for news to report, right? You look for something to put a smile on your face at the end of the day. You look and look but all you can find is just darkness. Crime, sickness, pain. People are injured everyday and nobody cares. Nobody blinks an eye. Meanwhile, I'm out there, saving a person while another is just suffering and I can't help. It makes me think why. It makes me think what's the point of it all. That's why you're the important one. Because you can help me find the answer. So if you know the answer, tell me so I'll just leave you alone and leave.

Kate looks at Drake, mouth slightly open. She has difficulty trying to come to words.

Kate: I- I don't have an answer.

Drake rubs his hand across his face then looks at Kate again.

Drake: Are you just saying that because you don't know or because you want me to stay?

Kate: Both.

Drake exhales. Kate gets up from the couch and helps Drake up.

Kate: Come on.

Drake: Where are we going?

Kate: I dunno. Somewhere. Somewhere not here.

Drake: I know a place.

The scene cuts to within Ryden's hidden chamber. 

New Haven
November 28, 20:00 EDT
 Ryden is seen sitting weakly in his throne. A pumping noise is heard as a machine is seen next to the throne, pumping oxygen. Psyche is seen standing in the corner of the room. Shadow Hound enters the chamber.

Shadow Hound: Master.

Shadow Hound goes to the front of the throne and kneels before Ryden.

Shadow Hound: You have summoned me?

Ryden, weakly: How goes the experiment?

Shadow Hound: The research has helped expetitionally, Master. You should be well healed soon. However-

Ryden: What is it?

Shadow Hound: There are- pages missing, Master. I believe the boy took them during the recovery.

Ryden: Do these pages affect the development?

Shadow Hound: Possibly. It is unknown what content is missing from the given information. The data site has also been destroyed.

Ryden, weakly: Hmm. I need the boy. Bring him.

Shadow Hound: As you wish, Master-

Ryden: I wasn't referring to you, Shadow Hound. You are done for now. By lacking all of the information, you have failed me.

Shadow Hound: Forgive me, Master.

Ryden: Enough. I'll deal with your whines later... Psyche.

Psyche looks up from her corner.

Ryden, weakly: Bring him here. Use any method you can and I need him alive.

Psyche: With pleasure.

Psyche then leaves the chamber. Ryden looks out from his throne. The scene cuts to the pizzaria. 

Daryl's Pizzeria
November 28, 20:15 EDT
 Inside, the place seems practically empty which very little people seated. At the side, near the back, The Dude is seen playing on one of the arcade machines, in one of the booths, a man wearing a white shirt with a black vest over it, who has brown hair, is seen seated, looking at a menu. The main doors then pull outwards, opening, as Drake and Kate enter the establishment.

Kate: Didn't know you had a thing for pizza.

Drake: Is that bad?

Kate: No no just thought you were a hot dog person or something.

Kate looks around the pizzaria as Drake goes to the counter. The Man behind the Counter is seen wiping a statula with a cloth.

Drake: Pizza. 2.

Man behind the Counter, cleaning statula: Coming right- (notices Drake) Hey, you're John's friend, right?

Drake: Not anymore.

Man behind the Counter: Yeah, I figured. He's been coming here more often than he usually does. Sometimes doesn't even order anything. He's also been paying me more for some reason. Guess he's covering for you.

The man behind the counter leaves to the kitchen. Drake turns to the side and exhales. He sees The Dude playing on an arcade machine and walks over to him. When he gets there, the Dude is still focused on the game.

The Dude, playing the game: What are you doing back here?

Drake: This place has pizza.

The Dude, playing the game: There are other places with pizza, y'know.

Drake: I don't exactly know any other places.

The Dude, playing the game: Who's the chick? (moves head towards specific direction then moves back to where it was)

Drake looks around towards the specific direction and sees Kate, finding her seat.

Drake: A friend.

The Dude, playing the game: Didn't think you were the friend-type of guy.

Drake: Not sure I am.

The Dude, playing the game: You should really give John another shot.

Drake: He told you?

The Dude, playing the game: No I just know. Plus I heard you talking with Ronaldo.

Drake: Is that his name?

The Dude, playing his game: No idea. By the way, there aren't any more of those Mutants coming here, right?

Drake: No.

The Dude, playing his game: Good because I'm almost done beating my old high score.

Drake: ...You do that.

Drake walks away from The Dude who is still playing his game. The scene cuts over to Kate looks seated at a booth, looking outside the window. Drake then sits across from her, carrying a green, plastic tray. He places the tray on the table which carries two paper plates of greasy, cheesy pizza slices.

Kate: Thanks.

Drake: Yeah.

Kate: I didn't think you had any money to pay him.

Drake: I didn't. Um- He said I could have it.

Kate: Oh. It's not like- old or something, right?

Drake: Compared to what they give me at MCA, I don't really care.

Kate: Well some of us do but since I'm here-

Kate grabs one of the paper plates from the tray and bites into the tip of the pizza hanging over the edge. She eats the part of the pizza.

Kate: It's not bad.

Drake starts to eat his slice.

Kate: So what's up?

Drake, chewing on pizza: What do you mean?

Kate, ignoring that: I mean- this is usually what people do. They talk about their days and stuff like that.

Drake: (shallows piece of the pizza) I'm not people.

Kate: Yeah, no duh. How'd you even find out where I live, anyways?

Drake: I talked with the other one. The person you were with when we first met.

Kate: You interrogated Adam?

Drake: We talked.

Kate: He's not hurt, is he?

Drake: He's fine. We just talked.

Kate: ...You know you could have came back for me. On that rooftop. When it was all over, I mean.

Drake: There had to be a way off of the building.

Kate: Not the point. You didn't come back. That's why I didn't want to talk to you.

Drake: I'm back now.

Kate: Why? Because you want an answer to your issue?

Drake: Because I want to make sure you're safe and that we still have a- friendship.

Kate: You're actually trying to be a friend right now.

Drake: Yes.

They sit there in silence for a short moment.

Drake: Am I doing a good job?

Kate: Well, quite frankly, you're awful. But it's nothing a little practice can't fix. (leans forwards) I'll help you. I'll help you find your answer. But I'm still doing it as a partner. I can't have friends that leave me on rooftops that's just not how it works. If you want my friendship, you're going to have to earn it.

Drake: Makes sense.

Kate, leans back: Come on. Let's get out of here. We'll hang out for a bit then I have to go back before my dad shows up.

Drake: You live with your dad?

Kate: News flash, not all teenagers live on their own.

Kate gets up from her seat and heads for the door. Drake grabs the rest of his slice and eats it. The scene cuts to the two walking down the pavement with the shops by their side and the street by another. It's darker now. Nearly night. 

Hell's Kitchen
November 28, 20:47 EDT

Drake: Are you sure you don't want to take the bus?

Kate: Well you're not going to fly us there. Plus talking and walking is a good practice.

Drake: Right.

Kate: I might joke and say "bring notes next time" but you might actually do that.

Drake: So how's the job?

Kate: Good. I mean we've been set back a bit because a certain someone crashed their spaceship into our main satelite.

Drake, correcting: Jumpjet.

Kate: Yeah that. Hoping that one day we'll just hang out without something happening.

A person runs past the two, yelling. He is then joined by three more people. Kate and Drake then stop and look at them. They turn back and sees Psyche approaching them.

Kate: Guess I'm going to have to keep hoping.

Drake: It's Psyche.

Kate: Yeah that crazy girl from Ryden's chamber. What is she doing here?

Drake: Probably here for me. Stay back.

Kate: But why would they come for you now? You didn't do anything, did you?

Drake: I don't even know where they are. They must want something. Now stay back.

Kate: Yeah but what do they want?

Drake: Seriously, Kate, you need to-

Psyche raises her arms and emits an energy from her hands. She then fires them at the two. Drake notices this and pushes Kate out of the way, getting hit by the energy and being thrown into a car, smashing through its windshield. Kate sits up slightly from the ground. She notices Psyche approaching, gets up and runs off to the side. Psyche, ignoring Kate, moves closer to Drake. Drake moves slightly. He then gets up from the car windshield and gets off the car, landing on the street. He lifts himself up from the street and looks up at the approaching Psyche.

Psyche: You're coming with me.

Drake: No.

Drake activates his enlarged hands and slams his fists into the street, knocking Psyche back. He gets up from the ground.

Drake: How did you find me?

Psyche: You give off an energy signature that I managed to track down.

Drake: You can track energy?

Psyche: And manipulate it.

Psyche shoots out energy from her hands which is used to trip Drake.

Psyche, getting up: Like so.

Drake looks up, angry. He kicks up and charges for Psyche who pushes Drake back with an energy push. He is then thrown down the street and impacts with the wall of a convenience store at a gas station. Drake's fire hands deactivate as he attempts to get up from the ground. He ends up falling back on the ground, loosing his consciousness. The scene fades into a flashback scene set within a living room. A younger Drake and a Tall Kid are seen sitting on the couch in the room.

Drake's Home
7 Years Ago
 Arguing is heard, muffled by the walls. The two sit there, waiting.

Young Drake: I'm in trouble.

Tall Kid: You're not in trouble. It was my fault.

Young Drake: I poured it and I took it in the first place.

Tall Kid: And I shouldn't have let you. You're going to be alright.

Young Drake: What about you?

Tall Kid: Me? ...I don't know.

Young Drake: Yeah you do. You're just not telling me because you feel bad.

Tall Kid: Look, whatever happens, I want you to know it wasn't your fault. You didn't know that- that stuff was going to react like that. Right?

Young Drake: Right.

Tall Kid: And no matter what, I'll be there for you. Even if I'm super far away, I'll still be here. (places finger on his forehead) In your mind.

Young Drake: Thanks, Zack.

Zack nods and the scene fades back to the convenience store. Drake starts to regain his consciousness as he looks up and sees a blurry image of Psyche approaching him. He blinks and she gets closer. He blinks again and she's very close by. Drake then places his hand against the wall and helps himself up. Psyche continues approaching him. A man in a gas station uniform exits the convenience store.

Gas Station Manager: What's going on here?

Drake, vaguely: Go.

Psyche's hands emit with energy. The man notices this and backs away.

Drake: Leave. Now!

The man runs away. Drake pushes himself away from the wall and stands on his own.

Drake: Don't come any closer.

Psyche: Or what?

Drake activates his diamond claw form and raises his arm.

Drake: Or I set this place off.

Psyche, stopping: You wouldn't. You're bluffing.

Drake: You need me alive. I can change that.

Psyche glares at Drake then approaches him quickly. Drake then throws a shard at the gas pumps which causes a spark against the metal. The gas station then explodes sending Drake flying into the convience store, smashing through the wall and crashing into some shelves. Kate looks out from the distance and sees the remains of the gas station on fire. The gas station sign then falls over and impacts with the street.

Kate, yelling out: Drake!

Inside the convience store, Drake is seen moving slightly. He groans in pain and gets up slowly. There are burned bags of chips all over the floor. Some magezine pages. Knocked over shelves. It's a mess. It's also on fire, slightly. Mainly at the entrance, which is destroyed. A siren is heard faintly. Drake's hoodie has some burn patches in the front. He takes off his hood and coughs three times. The siren is getting louder. Drake walks away from the shelves slowly, holding his side. He stops and turns. He looks at the front of the store. Destroyed. Fire blocking the way. The siren sounds close, outside even. The outside of the convience store is seen once again. 

Ethereal Oil
November 28, 21:02 EDT
 A police cruiser is seen parked outside. Detective Wilson exits from the passenger side while another man exits from the drivers side.

Man: Wow. What could have done this?

Detective Wilson: I don't know... yet. Good thing we were near by.

Man: I'm calling this in.

Detective Wilson: You do that. I'll look around.

The other officer pulls out his radio and activates it.

Man, to radio: This is Officer North. Reporting a-

The scene cuts to Detective Wilson examining the scene. He steps over a piece of rubble and looks over at the convience store. He looks to his left and sees burn marks. His partner walks over to him.

Officer North: Just put the call in. They're sending firefighters now.

Detective Wilson: Good. Good.

Officer North, looking out: I think I see someone.

Officer North moves towards some rubble and moves it out of the way.

Officer North: Madame, are you alright?

A glow is then seen originating from the body. Inside the store, Drake makes his way towards the entrance when he hears yelling. He looks outside a window and sees Officer North laying in the street a distance away from the gas station. Drake then breaths out five times and puts his hood back on. Outside, Detective Wilson backs away from Psyche who is back on her feet. She is holding her head.

Detective Wilson: Stay back, freak.

Psyche approaches Detective Wilson even more then Drake jumps from the flames and onto Psyche's back. Psyche attempts to remove Drake from her back but Drake activates his wing form and flies them away. Detective Wilson steps back and holds his neck.

Detective Wilson, pulling out his radio: This is Detective Wilson... I just saw the Vigilante.

In the sky, Drake lowers close to a rooftop and throws Psyche at a billboard. She hits the billboard and lands on the rooftop. Drake then lands a close distance from her, on the same rooftop. He deactivates his wing form.

Psyche: Ow.

Drake: It's me you want, Psyche. Those are innocent people.

Psyche: No one is innocent. They just haven't made fun of me yet.

Drake: That's not how I see it.

Psyche: How do you see it then?

Drake stands there for a moment in silence.

Psyche: Come on... I want to know.

Drake: No you don't. You're insane. You're crazy.

Psyche: I want to know.

Drake: People are innocent until they perform a crime. That's how Justice works.

Psyche: You don't do as you're told?

Drake: I don't want to but I do when I have to.

Psyche: I understand.

Drake: You don't. Nobody can understand me.

Psyche: I do. You don't know what it's like being there with Ryden but you know what it feels like to be given orders. To be expected to do things you don't want to.

Drake: You don't want to do this?

Psyche: I don't want to be commanded.

Drake exhales sharply.

Drake: I- (turns head and grunts) (exhales again) I can- (turns head back to face her again) help you.

Psyche: You can't help me, boy. I'm a lost cause.

Drake: So was I.

A helicopter is heard faintly.

Psyche: I have to go.

Drake: What happened to trying to get me?

Psyche: You'll have to get me first.

Psyche then jumps off of the rooftop. Drake runs over to that side of the roof and looks down. He doesn't see anything but the street below. He looks back up and sees a police helicopter approaching. Drake activates his wing form and flies off before the helicopter arrives. The scene cuts to Kate's apartment building. 

Palatial Valley Apartments
November 28, 21:36 EDT
 Inside, Drake is seen lying on Kate's couch, hood off. Kate is seen walking into the living room, holding a mug with a blue cat symbol on it.

Drake: I don't know what to do, Kate.

Kate: You should report this in with MCA. They might have something to say.

Drake: They'll send out agents. They'll look for her.

Kate: And she'll get caught.

Drake: She's powerful, Kate. I had blow up a-a-

Kate: Gas station.

Drake: Yeah. One of those in order to stop her.

Kate: That was still pretty stupid. You could have died.

Drake: You're worried about me again.

Kate: I can't help it. You keep risking your life.

Drake: If MCA goes after her, there's a chance she'll attack them and hurt a lot of officers and innocent people.

Kate: So going with her will stop her from hurting people but once they get you, who will protect the city?

Drake exhales.

Drake: I just want to talk to her.

Kate: She's a bad person, Drake.

Drake: I don't know. We're so- the same. She might be like me, Kate.

Kate: Sorry Drake but this isn't, okay? She's the bad guy and you're ther hero.

Drake: I'm not a hero, Kate. I'm not good. I'm misunderstood. Just like her. Without help, I would have been lost like she is.

Kate: So what? You want to help her?

Drake: If I can. I'm here to help people, Kate. Who would I be if I didn't try?

Kate: You're really serious about helping her.

Drake: Yeah.

Kate: Okay. We'll go look for her.

Drake: "We'll"?

Kate: You're not doing this alone. And if there's nothing to risk then there shouldn't be a problem.

Drake: Okay...

Kate: Now if she's really just like you then I guess she would go somewhere you would go.

Drake: I have an idea.

The scene cuts to the docks. It's now night. 

Pier 63
November 28, EDT
 Psyche is seen standing at the edge, looking out at the water.

Psyche: You can't scare me. I can sense you.

Drake appears from the darkness and steps into the light, hood on. Psyche smiles and turns to face Drake.

Psyche: You came. You must really like me.

Drake: I came to talk. I came to help.

Psyche: What did you want to talk about?

Drake: You, mainly.

Psyche: Really?

Drake: Look, I know you don't trust me but I don't really trust you and I know I have to earn your trust or whatever it is that I want from you but I really want to help.

Psyche: You trust me?

Drake: I want to.

Psyche: You know. We might be similar but we're not the same. You're the good guy. You fight the bad guys like me. It's what you do.

Drake: You're not bad. You're misunderstood.

Psyche: We're all misunderstood, kid. How many Mutants do you think there are out there? Because there are a lot. And they're not stupid like the ones Ryden controls. They think for themselves. But once they step outside, the world sees 'em as monsters because that's who we are. You're one of us, y'know. But you're also one of them. It's time to choose.

Drake: (exhales sharply) I can't go with you. It's like you said. It's what I do.

Psyche: Yeah... I understand. But he won't.

Drake: Well he can deal with it.

Psyche: He really can't so, you're coming with me.

Drake: I thought I had a choice.

Psyche: I gave you a choice and you chose to come.

Drake: I was trying to help.

Psyche: And I told you. Nobody can help me. You're coming with me or the girl gets it.

Psyche extends her hand out and emitts an enery from her hands. Kate is then lifted into the air from the bushes and is thrown onto the pier next to them.

Kate: Ow.

Drake: If you hurt her, I'm ending you.

Psyche: I don't want to be commanded anymore, anyways. Besides, ending me won't get her back. Guess I'm a bad person after all.

Drake: If I do as you say, what happens to her?

Kate: Drake, no.

Psyche: Shh. The special people are talking now. (to Drake) If you come with me, I'll let her go. It's not like she's important or anything.

Kate: Oh really?

Drake: Kate, don't.

Kate: I know what to do, Drake. (to Psyche) You think I'm not important?

Psyche: Yes. You're not. You're just a stupid girl who got in the way.

Kate: You're wrong. I'm just as important as everyone else. And everyone is important. We're all connected someway and you can tell I'm not lying because you sense everything. Suppose someone died, then what would happen? How would that end of the connection affected everyone else? How would society continue without that person? Don't you ever think about these questions?

Psyche: I stopped thinking about them when I saw how nobody cared about me when I went missing. How life moved on without me. I'm sure it'll be just as easy for them to do it with you.

Kate: What about the people that cared about you?

Psyche: Nobody cared about me. Not until I met Ryden.

Kate: Well someone cares about me. My father and this guy, apparently (indicates Drake) plus I'm sure Adam from work won't be so happy or my boss or everyone else really. Basically, I'm trying to make you feel bad but I'm sure it's not going to work so just listen this one point and you can continue with threatening my life. You might not care about people but you obviously care about who cares about you. Every person is just like that, sort of. They have a person that cares about them.

Psyche thinks for a moment.

Psyche: If I grabbed someone else, would it make a difference?

Drake: Yes.

Psyche: Why?

Drake: Because she can help me in a way no one else can. But it doesn't matter who you take, I will save them.

Psyche: Okay. Fine. You can have her.

Psyche helps Kate up from the ground and gives her over to Drake.

Psyche: But I'm not going back emptyhanded.

Kate: What do you want? A trade?

Psyche: Yeah. You're lucky I'm asking for one in the first place but since Ryden is missing information he- occuried from you (looks at Drake when saying "you") you might have something to offer.

Drake: I know what this is about. The missing pages.

Psyche: You have them?

Drake: No.

Kate: But I have information you may need.

Kate reaches into her bag and pulls out the Nanogene information she took from Ryden's study.

Drake: What is that?

Kate: The information I took from Ryden's study on the day we met. Since he needs the information now, he might have missed this.

Drake: Kate, if you do this, Ryden is be a step ahead in his plans. We don't know what they are or where he is.

Kate: But it's like you said, if you have the chance to save someone, you take that chance.

Kate hands the papers to Psyche. Psyche looks at the papers and sticks them inside his inner coat pocket.

Psyche: Thanks. Don't worry, we'll see each other again.

She winks and backs off the dock, into the water.

Kate: Why would she-

Drake: There's probably a passageway leading to New Haven down there.

Kate: Oh.

Drake: What was the point of that? Were you trying to save me?

Kate: No. I was trying to save her... for you.

Drake looks at Kate confused.

Kate: If she went back empty-handed, what do you think would have happened to her?

Drake: Psyche said Ryden cared about her.

Kate: You care about me, Drake, and you don't send me on missions, expecting something in return. Did you hear her voice? She needed something in return otherwise she would recieve pain from him. Sometimes we need to do things we don't want to do because we don't have a choice. That's her life. We can't fix it.

Drake nods.

Kate: I should probably go back home now. My dad's gonna freak if he gets there and I'm gone.

Drake: Need a-

Kate: No. I'm good. Just uh- come by whenever you want. I want to talk again.

Drake: Okay...

Kate: Are you going to be okay?

Drake: Yeah, I just- I just need some time to think.

Kate: I understand. Good night, Drake.

Drake: Good night, Kate.

Kate walks away, leaving Drake there on the docks, alone.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake is now known as The Vigilante.
  • Psyche questions her morality.
  • Kate gives back the information she took from Ryden's Study.

Minor Events

  • Kate discovers Daryl's Pizza
  • Drake considers giving John a second chance.
  • Detective Wilson sees Drake for the first time.


  • Drake
  • Kate
  • Detective Wilson
  • The Dude
  • Officer North (First Appearance)
  • Gas Station Manager (First Appearance)
  • Young Drake (Flashback)
  • Young Zack (Flashback)
  • Citizens


Forms Used

  • Fire Fists (x1)
  • Crystal Claws (x1)
  • Stealth Wings (x2)


  • The man sitting at the booth in Daryl's Pizza is dressed similarly to Han Solo.


  • This is the first episode in which Agent Owens does not make an appearance.
    • This is also the first episode to not include anything related to the MCA.
  • This episode reflects more on Psyche's character.
  • The Tall Kid from Drake's Flashback is revealed to be known as Zack.
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