Design credit goes to Zonator.

General Information
Species Galvanic horsea
Home World Earth
Body Sea Horse/Galvanic Mechamorph
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Poison spikes
laser energy balls
Fuse into anything mechanical
First Appearance My gigantic camping trip


Unlike Cassie Benny's other aliens, Seagrade does not have scales. Seagrade is like an alien horse and Seahorse combined.


Data-Tail-Swipe: In the Read it or weep it Episode, Seagrade has been revealed to discharge a data-cloud-squirt more powerful than most people would think, it can shatter data streams and codes into being broken or bugged out depending how sophisticated they are; Though this shot comes out from the tail.  

Hoof-Code-mover: In the same episode above; Seagrade's hoofs can move around codes and data around when touching the wall of the coding/data stream since it is more sensetive to technology based machanics and data related objects.


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