General Information
Species Mutant To'kustar
Home World Cosmic Storms
DNA source Unknown Waybad
Body Skeletal Giant Humanoid
Ultimate Form presumably a skeletal Ultimate Waybig
Predator Unknown Virus
Alternate Counterparts Waybad
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy Beam
Cosmic Storm Creation and Manipulation
Voice Actor Eric Bauza
First Appearance War of the Villains

Seabozu is the Knock Off Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Mutant To'kustar/Waybad from a Cosmic Storm in Ben 10: Haunted.


Seabozu is a To'kustar but has a skeletal appearance and a horn on his head instead of a fin.


Transformation Sequence

Ghost King grows to a large height. He then sprouts a large horn and becomes a seemingly skeletal version of a To'Kustar. He finishes the transformation by roaring.

Powers and Abilities

Seabozu has Thick Skin like most To'kustars, which gives him Enhanced Durability.

He also has Enhanced Strength, due to his enormous size.

He can fire a beam of Cosmic Energy by forming his arms into an L or X shape.

He can create and control Cosmic Storms.

He has the potential to destroy a small planet if he wished.


Seabozu can be out powered by a foe either stronger than him or equally as large as him. He is also not safe from a vortex created by speedster aliens.

He is susceptible to a special virus, which is the To'Kustar's natural predator.


Seabozu first appears in War of the Villains: He intimidates Argost but angers George, Ralph, Lizzie and Larry. He manages to fight the quartet off on his own, but barely.

He returns in Albedo's Revenge: He thunderclaps Albedo as Negative Jetray, before he turns into Negative Goop and escapes. He then faces off against Negative Waybig before being flipped onto his back, stunning him.

He was used offscreen in "Movie Set of Horrors" to help film the horror movie.


  • War of the Villains
  • Albedo's Revenge
  • Etc.


He gets his name from a skeletal kaiju from Ultraman.


  • Seabozu isn't the only Mutant To'Kustar in Ghost King's Omnitrix.
  • He talks slow due to the fact he's barely alive.


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