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Sdrawkcab (Backwards) is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of an Geohurport from the planet Geohurp.

General Information
Species Geohurport
Home World Geohurp
Body Magnetic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Talks backwards (species talks backwards)

Magnetism manipulation

Magnetic absorption

Magnetic adding/take away

Magnetic shields & pulses

Floating (in air)

First Appearance Hunting the Hunter


Sdrawkcab looks like a globby humanoid with a normal head and odd body shape. He has a Techadon Weapon Master like-head and has two arms (kind of muscular) and has 4 fingers on them, which looks like a mix of Fasttrack's and Rook's skininess in their arms and broad shape. He has black gloves on that are fingerless (like Way Big's and Four Arms's) and black shoes/boots on his three toed feet (opened toed). He has a half hourglass-shaped body type with a black and white pair of shorts on. He has a small, black square on his forehead where his two orange outlined eyes are located (he is similar to Sandbox). He has a mouth that doesn't move when he talks and has black pieces on his shoulders as well and a lighter brown-silver body colour. His lower abdomine is almost exactly like Chromastone's shape and he has a hexagon-shaped translator on his stomach/lower abdomine are that is silver on the outside and orange in the inside with black as well. He wears the gamatrix symbol in the middle of it. His voice is exactly like Wildvine's in Omniverse only more robotic sounding, since his voice is coming from his translator. 

Powers & Abilities[]

Sdrawkcab has the powers of magnetic manipulation, magnetic absorption, magnetic adding/taking away, magnetic shields and magnetic pulses. He can also float when lifting several magnetic objects like Lodestar has enhanced agility & strength.


His only weakness is lasers and objects that are way too heavy for his lifting. 


In Hunting the Hunter, Sdrawkcab debuted and stopped Zootra. 

In New Horizons, Sdrawkcab goofed off in the plumber lab. 

In Rat Way, Sdrawkcab took the Rodentracats' weapons. 

In A Natural Selection, Part 1, Sdrawkcab battled Ramoid. 

In Never Trust Royalties, Sdrawkcab stopped Freddie. 

In A Tale of Two Migs, Sdrawkcab appeared. 

In That Eerie Feeling, Sdrawkcab was briefly shown releasing RO.



Video Games[]

Mig 10: Enter the Gamaverse[]


  • He is basically a different version of Lodestar.
  • According to PM, he is able to walk normally but talk backwards, only if his translator is broken/hit.
    • If his translator breaks, he talks backwards from it and has a deeper and less robotic voice. 
    • Also, the translator becomes fixed as soon as Mig transforms back. 
  • According to Mig, not all of Sdrawkcab's species have translators.
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