This episode is Tv-Pg. Just warning ahead of time.

Bishop is in Jury duty (Revonnahganders have a chance for jury duty when they are 10+)

Lawyer 1: Judge, Han Sight is guilty! We have witnesses who have seen him-

Lawer 2: Han Sight is not guilty!  We have witnesess who-

Judge: Just everybody shut up! One at a time please!

Weird people break in. One with a scythe, another with a trident, about 12 of them, each with there own special wepon

Bishop: I can take care of this!

Bishop presses omnitrix

Chimpanzing: Who are you guys anyway?

Chimpanzing jumps and pushes a guy with the scythe down. He avoids the fireballs coming from another guy

And then it came

The guy with a tident stabbed Chimpanzing right in the heart. Chimpanzing changes back, dead.

Titans: We, the Titans, have killed Bishop!!!!!!!


5 years later...

All of Revonnah is under control of the criminal organization called the Titans. The plumbers know nothing about this, because the Titans keep it undercover

Villager 1: You gangsters desrve nothing! All of you should go to hell!

Hyperion shoots fire at the villager. The villager slowly burns to death

All the villagers look horified at Hyperion

Villager 2: (whispers) Where is the dead Bishop? They never buried him. So all these years, we never knew what happened to him?

Chronos: Excuse me?


Chronos slits Villager 2's throat.

Chronos: I don't want to here you.

Villager 3: (Whispers to Villiger 4) We need to start a rebellion.

Villager 4: (Whispers to Villiger 3) How? They are far more powerful then us.

Villiger 3: There are 12 of them, billions of us. We could outnumber them.

Villiger 4: One of them could probably beat all of us. We need a good wepon.

Villiger 3: I have an idea. Follow me.

Villiger 3 & 4 run to a secret hideout

Villiger 3: Steel suits of armor.What a beauty.

Villiger 4: Get as many people to come here. This is a good plan.

Villiger 3 gets 10 more people to the hideout without the Titans knowing.

Bishop's Mom: Let us do this.

The villigers get in their suit of armor.

Villiger 3: Ready?

Rest of Villigers: Ready.

The villigers fly out, attacking the titans until they flee. Then only one remains. Prometheus.

Viliger 5: Where is Bishop. I know you can heal wounds and create people, but if you heal him, you will be set free.

Prometheus: Bishop will still only be 10 though.

Bishop's Mom: It does not matter! Heal him.

Prometheus runs to the capitol, where they hid Bishop, and heals him.

Bishop: That was a good dream... WHO ARE YOU??

Prometheus: Be quiet. I saved your life. Revonnah is safe from us.



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