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ScribbleScratch is a Stifig from the planet Pepare in the Sonomatrix.


ScribbleScratch is a stick figure. He has bushy eyebrows, a large, circular head, and hungry eyes. He wears a turtleneck and green bellbottoms. He also wears brown shoes. It is confirmed that these shoes are leather. He has a pencil for one hand and a pencil eraser in a funnel for another. Although he is an Omnitrix alien, he wears an Omnitrix on his right arm to transform back into Sam.


  • Drawing anything and making it become real.
  • Erasing anything that he's drawn with his eraser to get rid of it.
  • Hiding his eraser inside his funnel at will.


His eraser only works on things drawn by Stifigs and on regular paper.

Main Weakness[]

If he forgets to hide his eraser in his funnel when he turns back, he will erase his Omnitrix and will need another Stifig to draw it back onto him.


  • He is most likely the first Omnitrix transformation to have his Omnitrix symbol on a watch.