Screwhedge Omniverse.png
General Information
Species Water Galvan tool
Home World ???
Body Screw/Galvan
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shapeshiping screw bottom
Able to swim in water
Triple blinking eyes
First Appearance The Screw Alien

This alien was unlocked in the Omnidewtrix.


Instead of the white shirt with a black T going down, these Galvans have a red and black shirt. The scales on their foreheads stay the same height for their lifetime. They live the same amount of years as their counterparts Galvans.

As water aliens, these creatures survive by their scales that absorb water and contain it periodically for one year or more, but is is confirmed to know telekinesis.

On the Omnidewtrix, Screwhedge has another personality called 'Stue Diver' who is referred by Cassie in the name 'Shoo' shown in Uncle Stallion, I somehow shrunk Anna!. Stue is presumably stuck in the watch and often lends his smartness as Cassie's personality is dominant.


1st appearance

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