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General Information
Species Scramosion
Home World Scramonian
Body Mixed
Powers and Abilities
Abilities All of Big Chill's Powers

Rock Control Laser Beams Good Climbing

First Appearance Whichever Way the Windsassin Blows!

(Lost Episode)

Scramisaur comes from the planet Scramonian. He is unlocked in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien by Ben . He is unlocked in a lost episode called "Whichever Way the Windsassin Blows!" The alien Windsassin is unlocked in this episode aswell.


Scramisaur can fly like Big Chill and has the rest of Big Chill's powers also. He can also shoot lasers out of his eyes and his tail. With his legs, he can climb buildings and walls. Finally, Scramisaur can shoot and control rocks and stones out of his hand.


He has rocks for arms and has Brainstorm's legs. Scramisaur has a tail with 4 spikes and a little mouth. He has a small eye on top of his head and has wings kind of like Big Chill's .

Garbagecan55 (Wall - Blog - Contribs) 01:09, May 11, 2012 (UTC)

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