Scouters was the featured episode of December 2017!

Diamond Man's Untitled Series
Season 2, Episode 9
Written by Diamond Man
Directed by Diamond Man
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We open on the outside of Buggy’s house.

Buggy(off-screen): What? Seriously?

We then see inside, and Owen, Buggy, Luffy, Zolo and Aspidites are sitting around a table.

Owen: Yeah! Dad wants to be ‘prepared’ and have more aliens in the Omnitrix, so he's sending me and Aspidites on a space mission tomorrow!

Aspidites: I wasn't sure if I was up to it, but Owen insisted. And I might actually enjoy it, so there's that.

Luffy: Why are they sending you instead of themselves?

Owen: They say it'll give me more experience. But man, it sounds cool! Seeing a whole bunch of new aliens, planets…..Wow…..

Buggy, Luffy and Zolo look at each other, then back to Owen.

All Three: Can we come?

Owen shakes his head no.

Owen: I'm sorry guys, no can do.

They are disappointed.

All Three: Aw, but why?

Owen: I don't mean any offense to you guys, but I don't exactly trust you guys in space. You might accidentally blow up the ship, or blow up a planet.

Buggy: Aw come on man, we can handle this! We’ve matured over the last 3 months since we've known you.

Aspidites: Oh please, just last week you tried to eat a rock.

They all start laughing, and Buggy is embarrassed.

Buggy: It looked tasty!

Owen stops laughing, and gets a serious expression.

Owen: I'm sorry guys. Maybe another time.

Zolo scoffs.

Zolo: Oh yeah, like you'd ever go into space again.

Owen’s phone beeps.

Owen: Ah, I have to get home. I need to pack stuff for the trip.

Aspidites and Owen get ready to leave.

Luffy: Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase can we come?

Owen looks back at them.

Owen: My answer is no, and that's final.

The animals are all disappointed. Owen and Aspidites leave.

Aspidites: Wow, look at you Mr. Parent.

Owen laughs.

Owen: Eh, I wouldn't think of myself as a parent. Want me to walk you home?

Aspidites: No thanks, I'd rather go by myself.

Owen: Ok then. Bye Aspi!

Aspidites: Bye.

Owen and Aspidites walk/slither off in different directions. Aspidites is soon out of Owen’s sight. But then, in the shadows, you see a pink haired girl, hiding behind a house, watching Aspidites.

Aspidites: Huh?

She turns around, but sees nothing. She shrugs it off, and starts slithering away. The girl then starts running after her.


Owen rolls over in his bed, and groggily wakes up. He yawns, and looks at his clock.

Owen: Ugh, 6:30. We leave in an hour.

He then looks around his room.

Owen: Aspi? Aspi?

He doesn't see her.

Owen: Hmm, must have overslept. Better go wake her up.

Owen sticks his hand up, and changes into his normal clothes. He pulls his shorts up a little, then walks out. He runs over to Aspidites’ cave.

Owen: Aspi? Aspidites? Hello?

He hears coughing, and congested breathing.

Owen: Aspi?

He runs into the cave, and sees Aspidites laying on a mat, with blush marks, indicating she has a fever.

Aspidites: Owen…

She starts coughing again, and breathing heavily.

Owen: Ah!

He runs up to her, and puts his hand on her forehead.

Owen: Geez, you're burning up! Don't worry, I know a nurse.

We get a cutaway, and we see Anna, checking on Aspidites, with Owen eagerly waiting.

Owen: ……...So?

Anna steps up.

Anna: Oh don't worry, it's just a little cold. She’ll be back to perfect health and fighting fit by tomorrow.

Owen sighs in relief.

Anna: But…..She definitely won't be able to go into space. It might put too much pressure on her body in this fragile state.

Owen drops his head in disappointment.

Owen: I figured as much.

Aspidites: But….But I can-

She starts to get up, but stops, and sneezes. She then slumps back down, and Anna hands her a pack of tissues.

Owen: Don't worry Aspi, I can find someone else to go with me. Just worry about yourself for today.

Aspidites: But….

Anna lays an ice pack on her forehead.

Anna: No buts. You need rest, and food. Just believe in Owen. He's taken care of himself before you know.

Owen: I'll be fine.

He waves goodbye, and runs off.

Aspidites: Be safe….

She lays down to go to sleep, and Anna puts a blanket over her. We then see Owen running to his house.

Owen: Ok uh….I could ask Bhar, he- No, he went on vacation. Aw geez, who could I ask?! Mom and Dad’ll lose trust in me if I can't do this! Who?

He is about to run in his house, when he sees Cathy approaching.

Cathy: Owen!

Owen stops.

Owen: Cathy? What are you doing here?

Cathy is confused.

Cathy: You texted me. You said there was something I could help you with?

Owen: What? I didn't…..Hey! There IS something you could help me with!

Owen goes inside, with Cathy. He explains what’s going on.

Owen: So, that's the thing. You up for it?

Cathy gives a big wide grin.

Cathy: Yeah, of course! I've always wanted to go into space!

Owen: Perfect!

He grabs her hand, and they run to the backyard.

Cathy: Um, I don't exactly see a spaceship.

Owen: That's the fun part!

Owen lifts up a panel of the fence, and hits a button underneath it. A set of stairs open up on the ground.

Cathy: Woah!

Owen: Yeah! It used to be located in the desert, but Dad moved it here for convenience.

Owen and Cathy walk down the stairs, and it is pitch black.

Cathy: Owen I can't see!

Owen: Gimme a minute.

Owen feels the wall, then flicks a light switch. A panel of lights on the ceiling switch on, and you can see the big spaceship.

Cathy: Wow….

Owen: We have to load a couple of things first.

Cathy: Load? What would we need?

Owen: Well, Dad says aliens might be dangerous, so he packed some blasters. Except I don't know why really, I got my anime powers, and I was going to bring Aspidites too….

Cathy looks at him.

Cathy: You were going to bring her? And not me?

Owen looks at her.

Owen: Yeah. She's my best friend. But she got sick at the last minute, and you came along, so now you're coming.

Cathy: Oh….I see….

Owen: Now, can you help me load the stuff?

Cathy has a sad expression.

Cathy: Um, sure…

She grabs a couple boxes, and loads them on the ship. Owen loads some stuff too, and soon they are done.

Owen: Ok, I think that’s everything.

They step on the ship, and close up the cargo bay.

Cathy: Alright, let’s take off!

Owen: Wait wait wait.

He holds up two black jumpsuits.

Owen: You have to change into this.

Cathy looks at it, skeptically.

Cathy: Why?

Owen rolls his eyes.

Owen: Dad’s being very overprotective, and wants us to wear these, because he thinks our regular clothes will ‘frighten the aliens.’ So come on.

Cathy step into the back room, and Owen steps into the bathroom. Owen comes out wearing the suit. He examines it.

Owen: Mmm, little big, but it'll work.

Cathy then comes out, wearing the suit. She poses a little.

Cathy: So how do I look?

Owen laughs.

Owen: You look pretty.

Cathy blushes.

Cathy: Thanks.

Owen and Cathy step up to the controls.

Owen: I bet you wish Bhar was coming, huh?

Cathy: Huh?

Owen: You know, because you said you liked him…..

Cathy: Oh! Yeah.

Owen: He had a vacation to go on, so he wasn't able to come.

They sit in silence for a little, before Owen grabs a controller.

Owen: Alright, preparing for takeoff.

The ship’s engines rev up. Owen presses a few buttons.

Owen: Cathy, would you hit that orange button?

Cathy looks around, then taps a button on the ceiling.

Cathy: Done.

Far off in the distance, a metal arch starts to glow.

Cathy: Hey Owen, where exactly are we supposed to pull up? We’re kind of underground at the moment!

Owen gives a small chuckle.

Owen: That's the fun part!

Cathy: I thought the spaceship was the fun part!

Owen: There are multiple fun parts!

Owen pushes forward on the ship’s throttle. The ship starts to slowly move forward, before picking up speed. The inside starts to get loud, making it hard for Owen and Cathy to hear each other.

Cathy: Seriously Owen, I don't like this! How are we gonna get above ground?

Owen: WHAT?!

Cathy: I SAID-


The ship speeds up, and is about to slam into the stone wall.


Owen: WHAT?!

Cathy braces herself for impact, but then the metal arch lights up blue, and forms a portal. Owen drives the ship right into the arch, and they disappear. The ship launches out of another portal, in the desert, and they launch into space. Owen pulls the ship up, and they soon reach space. Cathy is still bracing herself, and the noise dies down.

Owen: Cathy, you can stop. It’s ok now.

Cathy looks up at him.

Cathy: Did we die?

Owen laughs.

Owen: No, look out the window.

Cathy presses her face against the window, and admires space.

Cathy: Wow…..

She looks there for a few minutes, before pushing out.

Cathy: So, how exactly are we going to get DNA samples?

Owen takes out a circular pad.

Owen: This thing’ll scan aliens, and take their DNA. Then, when we get back, we just hook it up to the Omnitrix.

Cathy: And where are we going to go first?

Owen walks over to the controls.

Owen: That's for the computer to decide.

Owen presses a button, and the computer starts beeping, until a planet name appears.

Computer: Next stop, Taruna, home of the Buvarians.

The ship jets off.

Computer: You will arrive at your destination in TWO hours and TWENTY-THREE minutes.

Cathy: Two and a half hours? What are we gonna do?

Owen presses a button, and a TV with an Xbox comes out from the floor.

Owen: Video games? I got plenty.

Cathy laughs, and walks over to him.

Cathy: Alright then.

We then cut back to Earth, where we see Agate at Buggy’s house. He knocks on the door, but no one answers. He opens the door, and no one is there.

Agate: Hmm.

He checks the Burger Hut, but no one is there, and Owen's house, but no one is there.

Agate: That's weird.

Then, he sees Ex’Spira looking in Owen’s house.

Ex'Spira: Hello-ooooo? Anybody there?

He then pops out of Owen’s house, and sees Agate.

Ex'Spira: You looking for Owen too?

Agate: Yep. I got nothing else to do with my life today, so I might as well try to absorb Owen today.

They then see Agvarok looking in Owen’s house.

Agvarok: Owen? Show yourself! I’m in a VERY BAD MOOD TODAY!!!!

He doesn't see Owen, and walks away, depressed. He then sees the rest of them.

Agvarok: Looking for Owen too?

Both: Yep.

Agate: Come on, I know one last place to check.

He starts to walk off, and they follow him to Aspidites’ cave. They look inside, and see Aspidites and Anna. They all look at each other.

Agate: Hey uh…..Where’s Owen? We can't find him.

Anna: Went into space. He’ll be back in two days.

Agvarok: Two days? I can't wait that long, woman!

Anna shrugs.

Anna: Too bad.

Agvarok growls, and goes to attack Anna. She begins to glow with a pink aura, and blasts him away effortlessly with a magic attack. He lands next to Agate and Ex’Spira, and his lenses start to crack.

Agvarok: Ah! My protective eyewear!

Agate and Ex'Spira pick up Agvarok and walk away with him. We then cut to them standing in the forest, and Agvarok’s lenses are repaired.

Agate: Ok, so Owen is obviously not here. What do you guys want to do?

Ex'Spira: I don't know, my whole life revolves around killing Owen!

Agvarok: Same here!

They all stand in silence for a bit.

Agate: Wanna go see a movie?

Ex'Spira: Sure.

Agvarok: Why not?

They all walk away. We then cut to Sarth and Amy relaxing in bed.

Sarth: Wow, it's nice to have a day with no anime screams. No noisy animals…

Amy: No constant chattering.

Both: Just peace and quiet.

They sigh, and lay back. They sit in silence for a little.

Sarth: How do you think Owen’s doing?

Amy: Oh, I'm sure he's fine. All alone in space.

She starts panicking.

Amy: Alone in space….with a GIRL!

Sarth is confused.

Sarth: Amy, she's a snake.

Amy: Yeah, and a girl! Do you know what a boy and a girl can do if they're alone together?

Sarth grabs her hands.

Sarth: Amy, you do not have to worry. One, she's a snake. Two, we both know Owen is not going to get a girlfriend. Here…

He reaches under the bed, and pulls out a laptop.

Sarth: I'll call in on them, and see how they're doing. I'll bet they're just sitting in front of the TV, watching anime.

He presses the call button, and we cut back to Owen and Cathy playing video games.

Cathy: Jump! Now use the axe!!

Owen presses a few buttons, and he apparently wins.

Owen: Yes!

Owen and Cathy high five. Suddenly on the TV screen, a message appears.

Computer: Call incoming. Call incoming.

Owen: It’s probably Mom and Dad worrying about me.

He pauses the game, and presses a button on the side of the TV, putting Sarth and Amy on the screen.

Owen: Hi Mom! Dad!

Amy: Oh good, you're alright! We just wanted to check up on you and-

She sees Cathy.

Sarth: Wait, is that Cathy?

Cathy: You bet it is!

Amy: Wh-What happened to Aspidites going?

Owen: She got sick at the last minute, so I invited Cathy!

Sarth pushes Amy out of the way.

Sarth: Owen, why didn't you tell us?

Owen: I didn't want you to not let me go! Plus, Cathy is totally capable!

They fistbump. Amy pushes Sarth out of the way.

Amy: Cathy, you BETTER not pull any moves on Owen, or else I will-

The ship’s controls start beeping.

Owen: Oop, we’re about to touch down! I'll call you back later ok?

Sarth and Amy: Owen wait!

Owen cuts off the transmission as the ship lands on the planet. Owen taps a few buttons on the computer.

Owen: Alright, the planet has a breathable atmosphere, so you won’t need a spacesuit.

Cathy: I won’t need one? Why won’t you?

Owen: I can breathe in space. Courtesy of Celestialsapien.

Cathy: Huh. Neat.

Owen grabs the DNA scanning device, and another device.

Owen: Alright, let’s go.

Owen presses a button, and a set of stairs extend to the outside. They walk out, and see a bustling town in the distance.

Cathy: Let's go check over there.

They begin a walk towards the city. They arrive there shortly, and see a lot of aliens walking around. Most of them are brown, muscular, and have two horns on the side of their head, and one big one on their nose. They look at Owen and Cathy strangely.

Cathy: What do you know about these aliens?

Owen grabs the other device, and presses a few buttons, until the hologram of the alien pops up.

Owen: They’re called Buvarians. They resemble bulls, and love fighting. In a way, they’re like a watered down version of Appoplexians. It also says some might have special abilities.

Cathy: What’s an Appoplexian?

Owen: Pretty much like these, but a tiger.

Cathy looks around, and sees mostly fighting places, or bars.

Cathy: Hm, you weren’t kidding about the fighting love. Anyway, can’t you just scan these and we can leave?

Owen: Aw come on, we have plenty of time. Let’s explore.

Suddenly, they are stopped by a tall Buvarian, with 5 more behind him.

Buvarian: Excuse me, can I help you? We don’t usually get visitors.

Owen smiles.

Owen: Hi! I’m Owen, and this is my friend Cathy! Say hi Cathy.

Cathy looks at Owen funnily.

Owen: Uh, is something wrong?

Cathy: How did you understand them?

Owen is confused.

Owen: What do you mean?

Cathy: They were talking all ‘Sharanaka’ or something, and you just responded back like you understood!

Owen is surprised.

Owen: Seriously? Huh. Must be perks of Celestialsapien again.

Buvarian: Why is that girl speaking like that?

Owen turns back to the Buvarians.

Owen: Sorry, she doesn’t speak the language.

Buvarian: Ah, I see. Well, my name is Glen.

Owen puts out his hand for a handshake, and Glen grins. He grabs Owen’s hand, shakes it, and grips it, trying to hurt Owen.

Owen: Wow, tight grip.

Owen grips back. Glen laughs, and lets go.

Glen: Wow kid, you’re pretty tough! Did you come to participate in fighting tournaments?

Owen waves his hands in dismissal.

Owen: No, I’m on a mission from Earth, to collect DNA from different aliens. And this was the first planet, so I’m here.

Glen looks at his group, then back to Owen.

Glen: Well, I’m about the toughest guy here, so if you want a strong DNA sample, I’m your guy.

Glen flexes his muscles.

Owen: Great! Now, I just-

He puts his finger in front of Owen’s mouth.

Glen: Woah woah kid, before you get to scan me, you must defeat me in a battle! You see, here we always resolve our debates with a battle!

Glen cracks his knuckles, and his posse gets riled up. Owen snickers.

Owen: Alright then, let’s do it!

Glen: Yeah! Follow me!

Glen and his posse walk off. Cathy is confused.

Cathy: Translation please?

Owen: He wants me to fight him, and if I win, I can scan him.

Cathy: Really? Why can’t we just scan him and leave?

Owen starts to walk off.

Owen: Aw come on! Where’s the fun in that?

Cathy sighs, and follows Owen. We then cut to Agate, Agvarok and Ex’Spira at a picnic table, with a fast food bag. Agate is eating a burger, Ex’Spira and Agvarok are just sitting there.

Agvarok: I don’t understand why we are just lazing around here, relaxing. We could be plotting ways to destroy Owen!

Agate: Well, I’m not into the destroying business. I prefer absorbing.

Ex’Spira laughs.

Ex’Spira: Oh please. According to Owen’s dark memories, you’ve killed at least 2 people.

Agate turns away from him, and crosses his arms.

Agate: Well not recently…..

Agvarok starts thinking.

Agvarok: You know, I thought of something. If we all team up, we could defeat Owen easily, and we would all get what we want…What do you think?

Agate, Agvarok and Ex’Spira all look at each other in silence for a few seconds.

Ex’Spira: Nah, I’m more of a solo guy.

Agate: Same.

Agvarok: Yeah, I didn’t even think it was a good idea.

Agate: Plus a team-up of all the villains is the most cliche thing ever. Next to characters being brought back to life.

Agate takes a sip of his drink.

We then see Anna and Aspidites sitting in her cave. Anna is writing information down on a clipboard.

Anna: So, this is the first time you’ve been sick?

Aspidites: Yes.

Anna: And you’ve been told you’re disease resistant before?

Aspidites: Yes, though that doesn’t entirely stop me from getting sick. I’m resistant, not immune.

Anna writes that down, and sets the clipboard down.

Anna: Alright, that’s everything I needed.

Aspidites: I really appreciate you being here. It means a lot.

Anna smiles.

Anna: No problem! So, I have something to ask you.

Aspidites: Well, go for it. I’m not exactly in a position to stop you….

Anna: So, you and Owen are good friends, right?

Aspidites: Of course! Best friends.

Anna leans in.

Anna: Do you like him more than a friend?

Aspidites is shocked by the question.

Aspidites: Wh-What? What does that even mean?

Anna: Well, you two hang out a lot, and you seemed really eager to go with him, considering your fragile condition. Relationships do develop that way: it’s how I got together with Grena.

Aspidites looks away with a ‘Humph.’

Aspidites: Well, to answer your question, no I do not.

Anna scratches the back of her head, and has a worried grin.

Anna: Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you….

We then cut back to Owen and Cathy. They are in a large building, with an arena in the middle. Cathy is in the stands watching, and Owen is in the arena with Glen. There are a whole bunch of other Buvarians in the stands, cheering. Cathy sighs, and leans on her left hand.

Cathy: I cannot believe he’s doing this.

Owen and Glen get ready to fight.

Glen: I hope you’re as tough as you look!

Owen: I hope the same.

Owen and Glen stare at each other, until a gong chimes, and the battle starts. Glen charges at Owen with his horn, and Owen jumps out of the way. Owen punches Glen directly in the jaw with his Celestialsapien arm, and he is sent flying. Glen flies into the wall, but before he hits, he uses the momentum to push himself back to Owen. Before he smashes into Owen, Owen grabs his horns, stopping him.

Owen: Heh! Got your horns!

Glen grins, and his horns glow red. Owen let’s go of them suddenly, and looks at his hands, which are burned.

Owen: Gah! Those are hot!

Glen: Well, I assume you know about our special abilities. My special ability is that I can heat up my horns to super hot temperatures!

Owen: Hm. I see.

Glen charges at Owen again, with his heated up horns. Owen waits for him to get close, then jumps up in the air. Glen looks up, and a ring of water surrounds Owen.

Owen: Mercury Aqua Mirage!

Owen raises his hands up, and shoots a big ball of water, dousing Glen. Glen shakes the water off of him.

Glen: Hah! You think water is good enough to stop my horns?

Owen appears behind Glen, and grabs his horns.

Owen: No. That’s why I’m doing this!

Owen encases his horns in ice, and then jumps away.

Glen: Hey!

He heats up his horns, but the ice isn’t melting

Glen: Hm. Clever. Veeerrrry clever. But I’m not done yet!

He puts his hands in the ground, and tears out a giant rock. He leans back, and launches it at Owen. Owen punches the rock, and it breaks into pieces. Owen then charges, but gets a punch to the stomach. Owen slams into a wall.

Owen: Agh….

Owen falls to the ground. Glen picks him up, and body slams him into the ground. Owen lays there motionless.

Glen: Start the countdown!

Another Buvarian in the referee box puts a timer on the board, counting down from 10.

Crowd: 10! 9! 8!

Cathy is fidgeting around.

Cathy: Come on Owen…

Crowd: 7! 6!

Owen springs up, drop kicks Glen, and gets his arm ready for a punch.

Owen: Owen….

He gives Glen a hard punch to the face.

Owen: Punch!

Glen goes flying, and through the wall of the stadium. Owen runs over to look at him, and he is waving a white flag.

Glen: Alright….You win….

The crowd cheers for Owen, and Owen waves at them. We then cut to Glen and his posse standing in the middle of the city again, with Cathy and Owen.

Glen: I gotta admit kid, you are really tough. NOW you can scan me.

Owen takes out the scanning device, and scans Glen. The device beeps.

Device: Buvarian DNA. Collected.

Owen: Sweet! Thank you Glen.

Glen: No prob. And if you ever find yourself near here again, holler at me!

Owen: Will do!

They shake hands, and Glen walks off.

Cathy: Alright, we got DNA! Onto the next planet!

Owen and Cathy walk towards the ship, and they board. We then cut to Agate and Agvarok playing chess on the picnic table, with Ex’Spira watching.

Agate moves a piece.

Agvarok: You’re not kidding?

Agate: Yep. Defeated a whole group of Kivasapians with one fire breath, and stole all of their food, money, AND I ate them.

Agvarok moves a piece, and grins.

Agvarok: Impressive. In prison, I beat up 15 Incurseans, 3 Tetramands, and a Kineceleran AT THE SAME TIME.

Agate moves a piece.

Agate: Eh, I’m not impressed. I’ve beaten up Sarth before.

Agvarok: So have I. Except, you would lose if he turned into one of your species, where as I would win if he was a Dimaserran.

Agate: Yeah, but you see the difference is that I’m stronger than you.

Agvarok grunts, and moves another piece, taking one of Agate’s.

Agvarok: Hah! Check.

Agate grins, and moves another piece, taking Agvarok’s king.

Agate: Checkmate.

Agvarok is shocked, growls in anger, and flips over the table. Ex’Spira laughs.

Ex’Spira: Wow, we need to hang out more often.

We then see Owen and Cathy boarding the ship again, and Owen’s jumpsuit is slightly burned.

Cathy: Wow, that was nice how there were multiple aliens living on a planet. We got a whole bunch of DNA samples!

Owen pats out a small fire on his suit.

Owen: I could’ve done without the visit to the village of the Dogomos.

Owen starts up the ship again, but the ship’s panel starts beeping red.

Ship: Ship in need of repairs. Hull damaged.

Owen: What? Damaged?

Owen steps outside again, and see a big green lizard with red spikes on its back, gnawing on the ship. It has made quite a huge hole, and even bitten off some of the wires.

Owen: Hey!

The lizard sees Owen, and scatters off.

Owen: Ugh, stupid Dogomos…

Owen looks at the damage, and sighs. Owen walks back inside.

Owen: Welp, the hull is busted. We probably wouldn’t even make it across another star system.

Cathy: And as far as I can tell, every alien on this planet is really primitive, so finding a mechanic is out of the option.

Owen raises his finger.

Owen: But, there are 4 other planets in this system. I can do a very specific search for advanced civilizations.

Owen walks over to the ship, and starts inputting commands.

Owen: Nearest planet in star system….advanced civilization….Metallurgy....And done! Let’s hope it’s a nice planet.

The ship’s panel flashes blue and red in small intervals.

Ship: Searching…...Searching….

The panel glows green.

Ship: Nearest planet targeted. Valobia, home of the Arvaterrans.

Owen panics.

Owen: W-Wait, Arvaterrans? Oh no...

The ship jets off.

Cathy: Why are you so worried? What’s wrong with Arvaterrans?

Owen: Arvaterrans are Agate’s species. I’m just a little nervous to see others.

Owen sits down in the captain’s chair, and mentally prepares himself. 30 minutes pass, and they touch down on Valobia. Owen cautiously steps outside, and sees a city in the distance, a lot more developed than the Buvarians. Cathy starts to step out, but Owen puts his hand out to stop her.

Owen: Cathy, you stay here. It’s too dangerous.

Cathy: Oh, and leaving me by myself isn’t?

Owen: Just stay here please!

Cathy rolls her eyes, and walks back into the ship.

Owen: Thank you.

Owen walks over to the city, and sees tons of Arvaterrans, in all sorts of colors and sizes. None of them pay attention to Owen. They give him a quick glance, then go back to their routine.

Owen: Geez, there are a lot of Arvaterrans. And this is only a small part of the city!

Owen looks around, trying to find a mechanic, or something like that.

Owen: Mmm, I don’t know where anything is!

He then sees a female Arvaterran who is purple with brown stripes. He walks up to her.

Owen: Excuse me, would you happen to know where a mechanic is?

Arvaterran: Oh sure! Just go straight until you reach the bar, then take a right, and it should be on the left side of the street.

Owen: Thank you ma’am!

Owen starts to move off.

Arvaterran: Oh wait!

Owen stops, and looks back.

Arvaterran: You should be careful. That is where a lot of shady people hang out.

Owen: Don’t worry, I can handle it!

Owen starts off again. He sees the bar, and turns right. He walks for a bit, and sees a place labeled ‘Tanamo’s Mech Shop.’

Owen: Hm. Sounds like a mechanic if I’ve ever seen one.

Owen walks inside, and sees a gray Arvaterran with 6 eyes, asleep at his desk, with a magazine in his hand. Owen walks up to the desk, waits a few moments, before it becomes obvious that the man isn’t going to wake up.

Owen: Excuse me?

The Arvaterran is startled, wakes up, and falls out of his chair. He grunts in pain, and lifts himself back up.

Tanamo: Ah geez kid, why’d you have to wake me up? I was having an awesome dream about that hot lady next door, and we were having-

He clears his throat.

Tanamo: Uh, forget you heard that. So, welcome to Tanamo’s Mech Shop. I’m Tanamo, (He shakes Owen’s hand) as you may have guessed. And what can I do for you today?

We then cut a cutaway, and we see Tanamo standing in front of the ship, looking at the hull damage.

Tanamo: Wwwow. That is a mighty fine ship you got here!

Owen: So, can you fix it?

Tanamo: Of course I can, I’m an expert.

Tanamo looks at the sparking wires, then morphs his hand to cover over them while he works on the outside. We then cut to Sarth and Amy sitting in their room. Amy is pacing nervously, while Sarth is totally fine.

Amy: Oh my gosh, how could we let him do this?

Sarth: Calm down Amy. I mean, Cathy is totally not a fighter, but we packed blasters, and she has Owen to protect her!

Amy turns to Sarth.

Amy: Don’t you think I’m well aware of that? I’m worried about him being alone with her, as previously stated!

Sarth: *groan* You’re still on about that?

Amy: Of course I am! I just don’t understand why YOU aren’t! You’re his father, shouldn’t you be concerned about his dating life?

Sarth laughs.

Sarth: Of course not! I’d be totally THRILLED if he got together with Cathy! The boy needs a woman in his life!

Amy: I’M the Mom in his life, and that’s all he needs. I’d much rather prefer him sticking to TV girls.

Sarth: Wow, the roles are certainly swapped here….

Amy grunts, and flops down on the bed. We then cut to Tanamo working on the ship, and the wires and insides are fixed, he is now working on the metal outside,

Owen: How’s it coming along?

Tanamo: Almost done. Just need…

He looks through his toolbox, but doesn’t find the right tool. He grunts, and sorts through it even more.

Tanamo: Shoot, I forgot a Fusicle!

Owen: The what?

Tanamo looks at him with surprise

Tanamo: You don’t have Fusicles where you come from? Man, you are missing OUT! It’s a tool I need to fix the outside. Can you run back to my shop and get it?

He hands Owen a set of keys.

Tanamo: Here are my keys, and the Fusicle is the metal thing with a large tube attached to the bottom.

Owen: Well, why can’t you go get it? I’m not exactly good with other Arvaterrans.

Tanamo looks at him, calmly.

Tanamo: Don’t forget who’s giving you free repairs.

Owen sighs.

Owen: Fair point.

Owen dashes off to the city. Owen reaches the entrance, and tries to get his bearings.

Owen: Ok, right at the bar, left side of the street.

Owen starts to walk off.

Arvaterran(off-screen): Hey, kid!

Owen stops, and sees three Arvaterrans in an alleyway. One is yellow with orange stripes, another is completely red, and another is black.

(Galet is the yellow one, Jaelo is the red one, and Oleta is the black one)

Oleta: Where you off to?

Owen: Tanamo’s Mech Shop.

The three of them glance at each other, then snicker.

Galet: Well, we know a shortcut. Just follow us!

Owen thinks, then smiles.

Owen: Ok!

Owen gladly follows them, as they snicker behind him.

Owen: You know, I’m glad I get to meet more Arvaterrans. I’ve only met one so far, and he isn’t very pleasant.

Jaelo: Really? Well, most Arvaterrans are actually nice.

Owen: Yeah, most of the ones I’ve met seem super nice.

Suddenly, they all pounce on him, and knock him unconscious. They all stand up, and snicker.

Oleta: Unfortunately, we’re not like most Arvaterrans.

They all snicker, and start talking to each other.

Galet: So, who gets to go first?

Jaelo: Well, I’d like to go first, but it’s not like the kid is going anywhere, so I can wait.

Oleta: Or, we could all go at once.

Galet laughs.

Galet: Don’t be crazy! That’d kill him! And we could always do it again later if we need to.

Oleta: Yeah, good point! Man, this kid is so gullible, I can’t believe he just FOLLOWED us like that!

They start laughing, but suddenly Owen rises slowly.

Owen: Agh, you sure do hit hard.

They are all shocked.

All Three: What?!

Oleta reacts, and goes for a punch, Owen dodges.

Owen: You know, you three kind of remind me of that one Arvaterran I knew.

He kicks Oleta in the stomach, sending him flying into a wall.

Owen: His name is Agate, a lot like you.

Oleta jumps back at him, but Owen slams him into Galet.

Owen: He keeps trying to absorb me, and it’s pretty irritating.

Oleta, Galet and Jaelo all breathe fire, but Owen extinguishes it with a water attack.

Owen: You make me think of him for a reason. Don’t know why exactly.

Owen charges, and drop kicks all three of them.

Owen: But I’m not saying all Arvaterrans are bad, I’ve met two nice ones already.

Owen summons a large hammer, and whacks them in the head with it, knocking them out.

Owen: But yeah, you just make me think of Agate for a reason. That’s all!

The hammer disappears, and Owen takes a deep breath. He walks out of the alleyway like nothing happened. We then see Owen walking back to the ship with the Fusicle. He walks up to Tanamo, and hands him the Fusicle.

Tanamo: Sweet! Thanks!

Tanamo steps a few steps away, and presses a button on the back of the Fusicle. The tube shoots out liquid metal, covering the hole. It hardens quickly, and the damage is unnoticable. Owen is impressed.

Owen: Wow! That’s awesome!

Tanamo: I know.

He hands the Fusicle to Owen.

Tanamo: Take it. I got plenty.

Owen: And yet you didn’t have one in your toolbox, where you would need it the most?

Tanamo: Hey, you can’t expect a mechanic to have everything!

Owen: I’m pretty sure you should….

Tanamo rolls his eyes.

Tanamo: Whatever. Anyways, I gotta go and catch up on a really nice dream….

He walks away while snickering, and sort of blushing.

Owen shrugs, and walks inside the ship, starting it up again. Cathy is sitting in the back, watching TV.

Cathy: Finally! You were gone so long, I binge-watched the first 5 episodes of Stranger Things!

Owen: Sorry, sorry. But now, we can finally get moving!

Owen sets the Fusicle down underneath his chair, and sits down.

Owen: But how did you get WiFi out here?

Owen turns on the ship.

Owen: Ok, we have about 15 aliens by now. I think one more planet would be good.

Owen selects a random planet, and the ship takes off. Owen and Cathy relax near the TV.

Owen: So, are you having fun?

Cathy: Yeah! It’s really nice seeing all those planets and aliens.

They then hear rustling in the back. They get up, and start listening. They hear more rustling, and a thud.

Owen: What was that?

Cathy: You think we got some alien stowaways?

Owen: Yeah. Should we take care of them?

Cathy and Owen stare at each other, before giggling.

Cathy: Heh heh. Let’s go see what we’re dealing with.

Owen and Cathy open the door.

Owen: Freeze!

They see Buggy, Luffy and Zolo laying in a heap.

Buggy: Hehehehe. Hiiiiiii…

Owen is surprised, and drops his arms.

Owen: Luffy? Zolo? Buggy? What are you doing here?

Luffy, Zolo and Buggy stand up.

Zolo: We didn’t want to just sit at home and do nothing! Plus, it seemed so exciting to go into space!

We get a flashback, and we see all three of them sitting in Owen’s backyard.

Buggy(narrating): So we hid in your backyard, and when you opened the place where the spaceship was…

We see them stuffing into a crate.

Luffy(narrating): We crammed into a crate, and snuck on as cargo. And we took small glances at some of the planets you went to.

We see them looking around on Taruna, and getting into a fight with a Buvarian. Buggy is getting beaten up, and Luffy and Zolo are just watching. We then see them watching Owen fight Glen. We then get a cut to them being chased by a Dogomo(the fire lizards). The flashback ends.

Buggy: Well, it WAS fun. Now, where’s Aspidites?

Buggy blushes and looks around the ship. Owen groans.

Owen: If you’d have paid attention, you would’ve seen that she was sick, and couldn’t come!

Buggy’s smile drops, and he has an aura of gloominess around him.

Buggy: Aw…….

Owen sighs, and sits in the captain chair.

Owen: Well, I guess you’re just in time. We’re going to our last planet.

Luffy: Sweet!

The three of them take a seat next to Cathy. A few minutes pass, and the ship stops.

Cathy: We’re there already?

Owen: N-No. We just stopped.

Owen looks ahead, but only sees stars, and distant planets.

Owen: I don’t see any ships, and we’re good on fuel. What could-

Suddenly, the ship’s intercom turns on.


Owen jumps away from the chair in surprise, and a ship becomes visible in front of them, and it is massive. Owen stands up, and walks next to them.

Owen: Cathy, go get the blasters. They’re in a crate marked lethal.

Cathy runs into the back, looks at the crates, but doesn’t find them. She runs back to Owen.

Cathy: I looked in EVERY crate. There weren’t any blasters.

Buggy, Luffy and Zolo look to each other, then to Owen.

Buggy: Ummm, would the blaster have happened to be green, with an Omnitrix symbol on it?

Owen: Yes! Did you see them?

Zolo twiddles his fingers.

Zolo: We maaaaaaaay have taken them out to fit in the crate.

Owen growls at them.

Owen: Ugh. I love you guys, but can you try to be a little smarter?

All Three: Aw, thanks!

Suddenly, the side door opens. They brace themselves, and get ready to fight. A figure approaches.

Owen: Get ready.

When you see the figure, you see a robot that looks almost exactly like Claptrap(Borderlands 2), but with two eyes, and is orange. He also has the same voice as Claptrap.

Robot: Hello meatbags!

He rolls up to Owen.

Robot: Wow, would you look at this human? He looks soooooo PATHETIC! Oooh, but nice arm.

He then looks at Buggy.

Robot: Wow, this one has a freakishly large mouth! You must have a FREAKISH medical bill on your hands!

Owen: Uhm, he’s actually a crocodile, not a human.

Robot: WOW, THAT’S SO NEAT!!!!

The robot rolls over to Cathy, but she pushes him away.

Cathy: Alright Clappy, mind explaining what you’re doing here?

The robot rolls back.

Robot: Oh right. Well, you see we’ve been following you, and we’ve seen you collect a lot of DNA samples! And my race would sure love to have that, so we can exterminate them!

Buggy: You want to exterminate other races?

Robot: Yes! It is my races firm belief that us robots are the superior race, and all lower races should die! We think it makes us unique!

Owen leans close to Cathy.

Owen(whispering): He pretty much described any antagonist alien in any show ever.

Cathy nods.

Robot: Anyway, we need your DNA samples so we can learn about these aliens. So, give us your samples and we’ll kill you.

Luffy: Don’t you mean ‘or’ we’ll kill you?

Robot: I know what I said!

He makes a whistling sound, and hundreds of robots appear behind them.


Owen and the rest of them get ready to fight.

Owen: Alright, time for a transformation sequence!

Owen raises his hand in the air.

Owen: Wedding Beautiful Flower!

A ring of light appears around Owen, then rises up around him, putting him back in his normal clothes. Owen makes a pose, and the robots are confused.


Owen: Yeah, but get ready to be destroyed!

He turns to the animals.

Owen: You guys wanna help fight?

Animals: Yes!

Cathy feels left out.

Cathy: Hey, how can I help?

Owen runs to the captain chair, grabs the Fusicle, and throws it to Cathy.

Owen: Just freeze the robots!

Robot Leader: ATTACK!!!!

All the robots swarm onto the ship. Owen gets ready, and makes a giant wave of fire, incinerating some of the robots. Luffy grabs one with his tongue, and swings it around knocking down the other robots. Cathy fumbles around with the Fusicle for a bit, before finding the button.

Cathy: Take this!

Cathy presses the button, and a wave of liquid metal coats some of the robots. It then hardens, making the robots defunct. A few robots gang up on Zolo, and get ready to blast him. Zolo jumps up into the air, and slams one of the robots down. He rips the blaster off of it, and starts shooting, destroying few of the robots. We then see Buggy on top of the robot, biting its body while it is rolling away, screaming. Meanwhile, the robot leader is on the side, watching all the carnage.

Robot Leader: This is…not how I expected this to go!

Owen stretches his hands out, and electricity sparks through them.

Owen: Sparkling….Wide….Pressure!!

Owen brings his hands together, and throws them, shooting a giant lightning ball, plowing through the robots. Owen and Cathy keep fighting, then get close to each other.

Cathy: Hey, you think these robots are aliens?

Owen thinks about it, then grabs the DNA device.

Robot Leader: The DNA device! Seize it!

A majority of the robots approach Owen.

Owen: You want it? Buggy! Mako maneuver!

He chucks it to Buggy, who catches it. He then tosses it to Zolo. The handoff keeps going between all of them, confusing the robots. When it gets back to Owen, Owen scans the leader, and the device glows green.

Scanner: Turok DNA scanned.

Robot Leader: NO! We already know about our race! Now you’ve just added useless data to it!

Cathy, while fighting, gets close to the leader.

Cathy: You know you basically just called your race useless.

The robot leader grunts. The fighting goes on for a while, until all the robots are destroyed. The robot leader is the only one left standing. All five of them approach the robot leader.

Robot Leader: *chuckles nervously* Now, let’s not do anything we might regret!

Owen walks up to it, and rips its two eyes out. The Robot starts rolling around scared.

Robot Leader: Ah! What happened? I can’t see in front of me now!

Owen messes with the wires in the eyes, then sticks them back into the robot.

Robot Leader: Oh, there we go!

He then coughs.


He rolls back onto his ship, and closes the door. We then see the robot rolling up to the engine.

Robot Leader: Man, those humans sure bested me! But I have a new plan now! I will-

Suddenly his eyes start glowing red.

Robot Leader: What the what?

He blows up, causing the engine to blow up, which makes the ship blow up. We see Owen’s ship flying away from it.

Cathy: Hm. Smart move.

Owen: I know. Now we can go to our last planet.

Owen sets the ship to autopilot, and they set off.

Owen: Now, who wants to throw the robot parts into space?

All four of them raise their hands.

All Four: Me!

They step into the back, and we get a cut to Agvarok, Agate and Ex’Spira at the picnic table. Agate and Agvarok are having a drinking contest. There are 5 bottles on the ground, indicating a great number of drinks. Agvarok is semi-drunk at the moment, and Agate is totally fine.

Agvarok: I’ll *hic* warn ya. Agvarok is a master drinker!

He grabs another bottle and chugs it down. He drops the bottle on the ground, and chuckles. Agate is unimpressed. He grabs two bottles, and chugs them all down.

Agate: Beat that.

Agvarok grunts, and grabs 6 bottles, one for each hand.

Ex’Spira: Woah Aggie, that’s not a good idea.

Agvarok: You’re not me! You don’t know how far I can go!

Ex’Spira: Well…..I mean I HAVE possessed you before.

Agvarok uncorks the bottles.

Agvarok: You think you can handle more than I can? I’ll prove you wrong!

Agvarok chugs down all the drinks, in a speed impossible for humans. He drops the bottles, and a few of them break. Agvarok laughs.

Agvarok: Heh heh. Beat tha-

He then passes out on the ground.

Agate: Hah! Looks like someone here doesn’t know their limits.

Agate picks up the remaining 8 bottles, and drinks them all. He drops 7 of the bottles, and holds one of them. He still doesn’t look drunk at all.

Ex’Spira: Geez louise man! How are you not dead right now?

Agate starts throwing the bottle in the air, while grinning.

Agate: Heh, little secret: Arvaterrans don’t get drunk.

He throws the bottle in the air, and eats it whole, when suddenly Agvarok stands up, still drunk.

Agvarok: WHY YOU LITTLE!!!!!!

He starts chasing Agate, and Agate is enjoying this a lot.

Agate: Hah Hah!

He grabs another bottle, and throws it at Agvarok’s head, knocking him out cold.

Agate: Ahhh, well that was fun. I’m going to go home now.

Agate walks off.

Ex’Spira: Looks like I’m on Drunk Agvarok duty again.

He grabs Agvarok’s arms.

Ex’Spira: Come on bud.

He lifts up Agvarok, and starts carrying him away. We then cut to the ship landing on a densely forested planet.

Ship: You have arrived on Terradino, home of the Vaxasaurians.

Buggy: Ooh, what’s a Vaxasaurian?

Owen taps the alien device, and a hologram pops up.

Owen: A dinosaur like alien that can alter its size at will. It is also very strong.

Luffy: Ooh, sounds fun!

They step outside, and look around at the forest.

All Five: Wow….

They begin walking, and see a giant lake in front of them.

Cathy: Ooh, look!

They approach the edge of the lake, and see a giant alien, that is blue, scaly, and really large, almost taking up the entire lake. It doesn’t have any arms, but it is evident that it is a fast swimmer. Owen scans it with the scanner, and the scanner glows green.

Scanner: Ichtyosaurian DNA collected.

Owen: Hm, Dad DOES need some more water aliens. The only thing he has is Vertebite and Krakattack.

They then see a flock of Astrodactyl’s species flying in the air.

Buggy: Woah!

Owen scans them, and the scanner glows green.

Owen: Got em.

They then see a bridge a few yards away from them, leading to a village. They all look at each other, then run to the bridge. As they walk, they look in awe at the thousands of fish, and aquatic aliens swimming in the water. A few minutes later, they reach the village, and see a lot of Vaxasaurians.

Zolo: Um, are these the Vaxasaurians?

Owen: Yep-a-reno.

Owen walks up to the village, and starts chatting up the Vaxasaurians.

Owen: Hi! My name is Owen, and I’m from Earth!

Vaxasaurian: Oh, an Earthling? We haven’t seen one of you in a while!

Owen and the Vaxasaurian start talking some more, and Cathy and the animals are confused.

Buggy: Am I supposed to understand him?

Cathy waves him off.

Cathy: Nope. It’s Owen only.

Vaxasaurian: Oh, I get it.

Owen: Yeah. So, who is the strongest member of your species here? It doesn’t matter who we scan, we just think stronger versions will give us better results.

The Vaxasaurian points to a big hut at the end of the village.

Vaxasaurian: If you want strong, go talk to our leader, Tusk.

Owen: Thank you sir!

Owen motions to the others to follow him, and they make their way to the hut.

They step inside the hut, and see Tusk, a giant Vaxasaurian sitting on a throne, wearing a crown, eating grapes. He takes notice of them, and looks at them.

Tusk: Earthlings? Here? Well, I’m surprised. We haven’t seen any here since-No, that’s in the past. Anyways, are you here to destroy the lovely peace we have here, or some other purpose?

Owen: No no sir, that’s not why we’re here.

Owen explains to Tusk.

Tusk: Oh. OH! Well isn’t that lovely, you want to scan me?

Owen: Y-Yeah. Can we?

Tusk laughs.

Tusk: Of course!

Owen reaches for the thing, but Tusk puts his finger up.

Tusk: But, you must do something for me.

Owen’s smile drops.

Owen: Shoulda known….

We then see all five of them in the forest, picking mushrooms.

Cathy: Mushrooms? Seriously?

Buggy: Well, I guess picking mushrooms is as good of a way to end the episode as any.

Owen picks one the size of him, and heaves it into the cart.

Owen: Oh come on, no use complaining. Let’s just get it over with.

Buggy picks one, but it turns into a giant bug resembling a centipede. Buggy screams, and hops on top of Zolo. Zolo laughs.

Zolo: Oh come on man! It’s just a bug! It can’t hurt-

It chomps Zolo on his arm.


They all start panicking, trying to kill the bug. We then cut to all five of them, bruised and sweaty, inside Tusk’s hut, with the cart of mushrooms. Tusk laughs.

Tusk: Good! You got the mushrooms! Now…

Owen groans.


Tusk laughs.

Tusk: Ah, got ya! You can go ahead and scan me now.

Owen smiles, takes out the scanning device, and scans Tusk. The scanner glows green.

Scanner: Vaxasaurian DNA collected.

Tusk: I am sorry for asking you to pick the mushrooms. They spew poisonous spores, and those are NEVER good for crop season. Please…

He motions to another room, where there is a feast set up.

Tusk: Enjoy this marvelous feast I’ve prepared for you.

Owen gets excited.

Owen: Guys, food!

All five of them rush into the dining room, and start eating. Tusk laughs.

Tusk: My my, I guess I overworked you.

Owen: Nah, we’re just hungry.

They gorge on all the food; they hadn’t eaten in a while. Soon, they are done.

Owen: Thank you Tusk!

Tusk: No problem little man. And if you ever need help, call me.

Owen gives him a thumbs up, and they leave.

Owen: Ok, this is by far the best planet we’ve stopped on.

Cathy: If you subtract the work from the equation, I agree!

They reach the ship.

Owen: Well, say goodbye to Terradino.

Owen presses a button, and stairs extend from the ship.

Buggy: Owen, can we come back?

Owen nods.

Owen: Sure. But as actual passengers, not stowaways.

The three animals nod. They all board the ship, and take off.

We skip to the next day, and the ship lands into the teleportation circle, putting it back under the backyard. Owen and the rest of them step out, and walk upstairs. They see Sarth, Amy and Aspidites waiting for them.

Owen: Hey!

He runs at them for a hug. Amy thinks she is getting a hug, but Owen runs right past her to hug Aspidites.

Owen: Oh, I missed you so much!

Aspidites: I missed you too.

Amy hugs Owen, and so does Sarth.

Sarth: Welcome back bud. So, how many aliens did you get?

Owen: 19!

He hands the scanner to Sarth.

Sarth: Wow, this is great!

Amy: That is great! Welcome back Owen! But now…

She grabs Owen and Cathy, and puts them in front of her.

Amy: Did you two pull any shenanigans up there? DID YOU?! Don’t lie to me?

Owen and Cathy are both confused by the question. Sarth grabs Amy and pulls her away.

Sarth: Ignore her, she’s a little tense. Heh heh.

Amy: I’m not kidding around Owen! Did anything happen?

While Sarth restrains Amy, Owen and Cathy scoot away.

Cathy: I’m going home.

Owen: See ya….

Cathy runs off, quickly.

Episode Ends.

Noteworthy Events

  • Owen scans a total of 19 aliens for the Omnitrix.
  • Tusk, Glen and Tanamo make their first appearances.


  • Owen Barum
  • Cathy Fisher
  • Aspidites
  • Buggy
  • Luffy
  • Zolo
  • Glen
  • Tanamo
  • Sarth Barum
  • Amy Barum
  • Anna
  • Tusk


  • Agate
  • Agvarok
  • Ex’Spira
  • Three Unknown Arvaterrans


Cathy references Stranger Things to Owen.


  • To date, this is the longest episode of this series.
  • There was a mysterious pink haired girl following Aspidites in the beginning.
  • Owen apparently can understand all alien species, because of his Celestialsapien DNA.
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