School Snakes is the seventh episode of At Azmuth's College.


Niklas decides to bring his three snakes to the College, and leaves them in the starship. After a Florauna student asks what's in there, Niklas lets him look, but as soon as he opens it, the snakes go mad and invade the school.

Evfnye is studying thermonuclear reactions within brown dwarf atmospheres, when Niklas arrives shouting his snakes have gone away. Evfnye is annoyed, but agrees to help, along with Sektor and Vektor.

Ben also decides to help (as he was on Galvan Prime at the moment). He uses Humungousaur to fight the snakes, but he fails, as the snakes were very strong, and he kept trying to stop them until Niklas and the others arrived to the scene. He tried to make his snakes calm, but with no result. Ben the switches to Snakepit and attracts the snakes, but they keep going to a certian point. Snakepit turns into Wildmutt and finds out Albedo as Big Chill tries to steal a Galvan DNA pod from the archive. When everyone arrived and surprised Albedo on the crime scene, he went ultimate. He then created a fire barrier and flew away but, luckily, forgot the DNA pod. Then everyone is assured Niklas' snakes are much more intelligent than thought.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

Minor Events

  • An unnamed Florauna student is revealed to be in class with Niklas, making his debut.
  • Y-it makes its first direct appearance.




Aliens Used

By Ben

By Albedo


  • Niklas had a passion for snakes since he was 7 years old.
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