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School Access Granted
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 10/6/2012
Written by Ahmad15
Directed by Ahmad15
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School Access Granted is the pilot in Alien School.


An Aerophibian was running away from other Aerophibians.

One of the Aerophibians: Come back here Jet! Or you will be Suspended from school. Ok, You are!

The Aerophibians left.

Jet: You could just leave me alone, though. What am I going to say to my parents. They're gonna kill me if they knew about me skiping school suspeneded!

Theme Song!

Jet's Father was angry.

Jet's Father: Now who's gonna let you in another school? Ray! You take your son to another school.

Jet: My teacher is cruel. (gets hit by a Neuroshock blast from his Father)

Ray: Ok, Jet prepare your stuff, tommorow I will take to the Space floating full time school.

Jet: Long Name.

Cut to Scene, Ray left her son at the door and left.

Jet: At least, my parents won't hurt me again. (enters school)

He entered and was encountered by a Necrofridgian an Arburian Platue, and a Vauxurian.

Necrofridgian: Hello, Am Chill from G6. These two are Cannon and Hiough. They are Nerds from G7.

Jet: Nice to meet, you. Am Jet. I'd like to join you at G6. I love speed.

Fast: (runs in) Like me. Am Fast. Dit and I are G8 dwellers. People misunderstand me. Cuz, XLR is cooler than me. So I am removed as a Nerd.

Suddenly, a Tetramand came close to them.

Tetra: Ha, Ha, Hello. Look what do we have here. A new student. Looks like a new Nerd to beat!

Later, Chill took Jet out of a Locker. Jet had bent a Jet-shaped hole in the locker.

Chill: Never mind, that's your locker, let me introduce you to my room.

Chill held Jet and flew to their room. Directly, Jet jumped to his bed.

Jet: I think, I am starting to like this place.




  • Tetra


  • Jet is suspended from his old school. And he entered the Alien School.