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Humanoid Frog

Alternate Counterparts Slapback
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Scatterjack is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Klomonculus.


For the most part, Scatterjack appears as he does in the Ben 10 Reboot. His outfit has changed, however, with his shirt somewhat resembling Ben's from the original series, along with fully black pants, and a green belt. He wears the Omnitrix on his back.


  • Scatterjack has the ability of self duplication. His clones are capable of mimicking the powers of other Omnitrix transformations, ensuring the user can use powers of multiple aliens simultaneously without the use of fusions, and without having to worry about using up Omnitrix energy with too many quick transformations.


  • Similar to Kevin or Aggregor when they absorb the powers of others, Scatterjack's mimicked powers are only have a fraction of the power the original has.


  • At some point, Azmuth created Scatterjack with the purpose of preventing Ben from using the quick switch feature too often.




  • Scatterjack's name is a play on "natterjack," a type of toad, "scatter," referring to his duplication powers, and "jack," as in a jack of all trades, a reference to his power mimicry.


  • Scatterjack is known as Slapback in the Reboot, due to needing to be slapped on the back to duplicate. Given that his powers work differently in Time's End, a name change was warranted.
  • Scatterjack is the second artificial Omnitrix alien made by Azmuth, after Upgrade.
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