General Information
Species Thep Khufan
Home World Anur Khufos
DNA source Anur Khufos
Body Humanoid Mummy
Alternate Counterparts (none discovered so far)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Limited Inclinkinesis/Shapeshifting

Stretchable Limbs



Bandage Generation

Bandage Physiology

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Rexlexes

Enhanced Jumping Enhanced Speed (Bandages) Space Survivability

First Appearance Dillon Million: Omniforce
Scare-oh is the Atomnitrix's DNA sample of a Thep Khufan from the planet Anur Khufos of the Anur System.


Scare-oh has a black head-dress, with two glowing blue gaps on either side of it, and a gold rimming at the bottom. His eyes are green and are surrounded by crown-like golden spikes, his lower face is wrapped in bandages, and his chin is black with blue gaps on it, with a golden beard-like spine jutting from it. His bandages are ragged, as well as layers being visible, and is greyish-brown color. His upper chest and shoulders are covered by a large collar/wrap-like garment with blue and black stripes. He has black-and-gold pads on each shoulder, with each one having an "eye" on them. He has tendrills on his back. There is a single bandage on his "skirt". His braces and greaves have gold rimmings, which are two, with much larger blue gaps on them. He has an extra "toe" on each of his heels.

The Atomnitrix symbol is on a blue-and-white belt around his waist.

Powers and Abilities

Scare-oh, being composed of bandages, can reshape his body at will. This allows him to split himself apart to dodge attacks and reforming to counter-attack.

Scare-oh can recover from many types of injuries, including being torn into confetti by a large fan, almost instantly.

He can extend his bandages, from his fingers or from his his body, creating a sturdy wall. He can sever the bandages he extends. 

Although Scare-oh is frail, he has some degree of enhanced strength allowing to lift objects and people with his stretchable limbs.

Scare-oh has a suprising amount of speed and aglity for his size and all bandages, even enough to scale walls and dodge attacks with relative ease. His composition also allows him to survive in the vacuum of space.

By reducing himself to single bandages, Scare-oh can slip through extremely tight spaces or small openings. This allows him to escape various traps or manuever through cramped areas.


When extending his limbs or various parts of his body, Scare-oh becomes susceptible to the strong winds or suction forces. There is an upper limit to how much tension his bandages can withstand without breaking.


Dillon Million: Omniforce.


  • Scare-oh's name comes from "scare", meaning to frighten, and the "-oh" is derived from "pharoh", a word for Egyptian Royalty.


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