Escape Goat
General Information
Species: Capraemonium
Home World: Capra Terra
DNA Source: Unknown
Body: Humanoid Goat
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Omni-Predation
Enhanced Tracking
All-Terrain Mobility
Classification: Fauna
Voice Actor: Danny DeVito
First Appearance: TBA
Scapegoat is an alien created by CaT. He is free for anyone to use.


Scapegoat's abilities include:

  • Omni-Predation
    • Scapegoat can hunt, kill, and eat just about anything, though his favorite foods are devil's food cake, tin cans, and small children, respectively.
  • Enhanced Tracking
    • Scapegoat can endlessly track anything he marks as his next meal. Exactly how he does this remains a mystery, and no effective counter-measures to this ability have been developed as such.
  • All-Terrain Mobility
    • Scapegoat can chase his prey through pretty much any type of terrain with ease.
  • Enhanced Strength
    • Scapegoat is strong enough to effortlessly dismember a grown Vaxasaurian.
  • Enhanced Speed
    • Scapegoat will always be able to run just a bit faster than his marked prey; no more, no less. His maximum speed varies wildly depending on the selected prey in question. If he has no prey in particular marked, his regular gait is somewhat faster than an adult human's.


Scapegoat is a tall, humanoid, goat-like alien with black skin and dark red fur. He has black eyes with bright red hourglass-shaped pupils, and large ram-like horns extending from the sides of his head. His mouth runs along the entirety of his head, making it split apart whenever he opens his jaws.


Scapegoat is unpredictable at best and may attack allies as well as enemies.

Scapegoat cuts off his own field of vision when he split open his head to attack, allowing him to look behind himself but making it impossible to see anything in front of him.


If you use Scapegoat in your series, please note his appearances here:


Scapegoat is an English word that refers to someone that receives the blame for something, especially for reasons of expediency. The word originates in the Bible, in which it refers to a literal goat that had the sins of the people placed on it and was then sent out into the wilderness to die.

Capraemonium is a combination of the Latin words Capra and Daemonium, which mean "Goat" and "Demon", respectively.

Capra Terra literally just means "Goat Planet" and honestly I just went with it because it sounded funny.


  • Scapegoat was drawn for Friday the 13th.
  • Scapegoat was originally named Escape Goat, but was renamed at the suggestion of That-Omnitrix-Guy.

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