Brandon 10 - Vine Attack
Savage is the 34th episode of the show, Brandon 10


Brandon attempts to go camping in a forest but gains some readings near a desert like forest and plans to "camp" there. In some trees, glowing eyes appear.

Brandon sets camp and scans the area. In the background some vines trap a bug and mutant it. The Mutant Big then attacks the camp and Brandon defeats it as Diamondhead. Soon the alien retreats and rustling of the trees remain. Brandon decides to go deeper in the desert forest. Then the alien attacks Brandon. It is realized that the alien is a mutanted vine creature. Brandon attempts to attack the alien as Benwolf but it gets away. In the forest, Brandon gets stuck in some quicksand while some mutanted scorpians appear. Brandon tries to stun them as Gasadactly but transforms into Snowbear who seems to be the wrost alien to use. Surprizly, Snow bear freezes the scorpiians and uses their frozen bodies to climb out and chases the creature in cave. Brandon finds out that the vine creature is trying to mutant the whole forest be at his comand but Brandon tries to stop him but fails to. The mutanted energy was powering up and Brandon watch recharges. Brandon figures that there should be more vines in the cave and transforms into Benmummy instead of Wildvine. Benmummmy manges to defeat the vine alien but disapears in flash. Brandon puts his camp away and goes home wondering where the vine alien went as the sence goes to the flash appearing and vine alien installing mutanted energy into the same machine the mutant wildpups used.


  • Brandon 10

Aliens Used

  • Diamondhead
  • Benwolf
  • Snowbear(selected alien was Gasadactly)
  • Benmummy(1st Apperance)


  • Mutant Vine Alien
  • Mutanted Bug
  • Mutanted Scorpians


  • This episode connects to Attack of the Wildpups
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