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General Information
Species Homo silenus
Home World Earth
Body Goat-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Superhuman strenght
First Appearance Gifts from Ledgerdomain

Satyrs (Homo silenus) are mutated humans, genetically changed by the dark spells of Silenus. They were created by Circe after she destroyed Heraklion. She used them to build an army powerful enough to storm the gates of Ledgerdomain.

Physical Appearance[]

Satyrs are half goat, half man with an demonic twist. They are the seize of regular men. They have long arms ending in hands with three fingers and legs ending in hoves. Their torso is dark purple, just like their head as their lower body is lighter purple. From their lower arms, they grow small wings. His skeleton is made of a combination of gems, with exposes as their horns, his partly exposed spine and the gems on shoulders and wrists. Their eyes are gems too.

Powers and abilities[]

The Satyrs possess great strenght but prefer to attack in group. They are fast and agile but also very tactic. They have a great set of natural weapons as razor sharp claws and even sharper teeth. But the main reason why are so important for Circe's plans, they are immune for most mana and magic. Only their master can turn them back to normal, or those who defeated their master.


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