Saru is a villain of the series Kai 20:Aliens In Danger.And also Kai's "Negative Copy"


General Information
Species Galvan (Formerly)

Human (Currently)

Age 14 (As A Human)

1,0000 (As Galvan)

Affiliations Albedo
Occupation(s) Villain (Formerly)
Azmuth's Helper/Apprentice
Powers and abilities
Equipment Alfatrix
Alias Clone
Alternate Counterparts Kai
First Appearance Rivalry Of The Watches

Saru resembles Kai with orange colors instead of a light blue,his white jacket is now black,his pants are brown,his hair is a bright black and his eyes are orange.


Saru,was a clone of Albedo,created by well...Albedo,so he could have another person wielding the Alfatrix without getting the risk of the getting stuck in Kai's form,wich according to him is worst then Ben's,as if so he was born,Albedo unlocked the Galvan DNA on his Alfatrix by switching the active lists as the Alfatrix didn't had the Galvan DNA,his Omnitrix did now,but this also costed him to lost most of his powerfull aliens,Saru,was stuck in that form sence ever.


  • Saru was named by the clones himself by accident this is now his name.
    • Also Saru was Kai's original name.
  • The clone is way younger than Albedo,this is because the clone actually ages by himself.
    • Albedo used an "Aging Machine" to try and make the process quicker this was stopped by Kai and Ben .

Aliens Used

Negative DiamondBreaker
Negative NecroFreeze


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