Sartan is a character in the series Plumbers. He sometimes makes the third part of the Peixes's friends trio. His friends are Peixes, Cibus, Ledus and Decibel. He usually bullies Retrecir, but Retrecir doesn't mind much about it.


Sartan is stupid, a bit like Cibus's stupidity. He will find any way to get himself into a fight, and he has a personality similar to Rath's. He bullies Retrecir usually, but Retrecir, doesn't mind much, because it doesn't hurt him a lot. He is more brawn than brains, and thinks with his fists.


Sartan usually uses only his strength, but uses sometimes other powers too.

  • Super Strengh
  • Very strong pinchers
  • Pinchers can slice through anything
  • Exetremly hard shell
  • High jumps
  • Breathing under water
  • Though his legs appearance, he is a a expert swimmer, able to swim under water at high speeds
  • His pointy legs can be used to attack


  • Since he is a crab-like creature, if he is flipped on his back it is almost impossible for him to get back up by himself
  • Under his body he has a small crack in his shell which can be used as a weak spot to attack

Species and Planet

Species: Cangrejon

Planet: Espacio Enorme


Sartan looks just like Crushtacean , just with red eyes.


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