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Sarah Middleton
Sarah Middleton.png
General Information
Species Human (formerly)
50% Human
50% Arachnichimp
Age 22
Home World Earth
Affiliations Rooters (formerly)
Amalgam Kids (formerly)
Occupations Rooter Agent (formerly)
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Skilled Surfer
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Acrobatics
Enhanced Strength
Wall Scaling
Web Spit
Alias Sarachnid
First Appearance Ben 10: Alien Force

Sarah Middleton, rarely going under the hero persona of Sarachnid, is an artificial human/Arachnichimp hybrid created by the Rooters.

She appeared in Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Omniverse.[1]


Sarah is a 5 foot tall woman, retaining her human proportions but covered head to toe in blue fur. She has four arms, with five fingers on each hand and black nearly claw-like nails.

She has four small yellow eyes. There is a silver streak in her spiky blue hair.


Sarah is an upbeat and thrill-seeking personality. She is rebellious to the point of totally rejecting the other Amalgams' offer of becoming a Plumber and going off on her own.[2]

She is a huge fan of beaches, and can be found on any planet with great beachside resorts. However, she firmly believes that the beaches of the Hawaiian Archipelago are the best in the galaxy.


Rarely, Sarah will take on the persona of Sarachnid to fight injustice. This mainly involves her beating up petty criminals and then running when the Plumbers show up.

Powers and Abilities

She roughly retains the abilities of her Arachnichimp half but to a lesser extent. She is naturally fast, nimble, and strong, but not to the extent of a natural born Arachnichimp even though these aspects are all reinforced by her active nature.

She is a skilled surfer, and often spends her weekends refining this skill. Her four arms help her keep her balance with ease.



Sarah Middleton was born as a human but was kidnapped as part of the Rooters' experiments alongside the other of the Plumbers' Kids. She was mind controlled by Servantis and forced to fight Ben Tennyson.

Ben 10: Alien Force

Sarah appeared in Alien Force and did some stuff but idk what she did cos I didn't watch Alien Force and I don't want to watch the episodes again just to prove that this character is real.

Ben 10: Omniverse

I could describe what happened in those three episodes of Omniverse but god knows half of you have suppressed your memories of these episodes and therefore cannot prove that she didn't appear.


Ben 10: Alien Force

Ben 10: Omniverse


  1. yes she did bro PLEASE you have to trust me on this
  2. dude that's so badass
    Sarah Omniverse Proof.png
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