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Sanor Redesign
General Information
Species Gorgarius
Home World Noiera
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Enhanced strength
Enhanced durability
First Appearance The Hunter's Mark

Sanor is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Gorgarius from the planet Noiera.

Powers and Abilities[]

Sanor has the ability to fly at speeds clocking in at around 600 miles-per-hour, and can use a saliva-like substance from its body to coat itself, which provides a bit of protection. It can produce sonic screeches, but these have to be done while in the ground, as they consume a fair amount of stamina. Of course, Sanor also features standard traits like increased strength, durability, and agility.


Despite what Ben would boast as an 'indestructible shell', Sanor does have its weaknesses. Along its body are small cracks, not big enoughh to be visible by the human eye, granted, but if somewhere were able to strike at one of these spots, it would greatly damage Sanor.


Ben 10.5[]


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  • Like most Ben 10.5 aliens, he was first revealed as a sketch by Lego.