General Information
Species Melrum
Home World Steviro
Body Humanoid Sand Creature
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sand Control
First Appearance Insert Horrible Title Pun Here

Sandrill is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.


Sandrill's abilities include:

  • Sand Control
  • Shapeshifting
  • Drill Creation


Over the years, Tech has created special techniques for his alien forms that are not part of their natural ability set. Sandrill's include:

  • Sand Sneak: By melting his body into a small stream of sand, Sandrill can sneak up on opponents and quickly strike them with a drill attack.


Sandrill is a large, humanoid alien seemingly made out of sand and metal. His normal form has two drills in place of hands, and his head is somewhat elongated, covered with spiked metal.


Water can bog down Sandrill, making him slower and his shapeshifting more difficult.

Planet and Species Information

Sandrill is a Melrum from the planet Steviro. Melrum live in deserts, where they can easily shift into and out of the sand. This makes it easier for them to hunt the rather scarce prey that the desert provides, as it prevents their prey from seeing them coming. Because food is so scarce, Melrum are rather territorial, and will usually not tolerate any trespassers that come onto their land.

Steviro, upon first viewing, would seem to be a desert planet, completely covered in dry rocks, sand, and dirt, with very few water sources throughout. That is exactly how the planet was first described by the team of explorers who discovered it; however, upon tracking the tectonics of the planet, they discovered that most of the landmass was freely floating upon a huge ocean 3 miles under the surface.


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