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Sandbox is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Sandor from the planet Saaria. Sandbox was created by Alexandre Magno, inspired by the alien briefly mentioned on the Ben 10 Classic series episode "Ken 10".

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Sandbox is a living mass of sand as his name implies, but he is a part of a warrior species, which gives this alien a black and green samurai armor. He wears the Omnitrix on his belt and has a box marked with the number 10 which protects his Life Gems, small crystals that contain the life force of their holder, and can also wear two green flags with the Omnitrix symbol when in battle.


Sandbox is very confident about himself and his abilities, which can put him in hard situations.

Powers and Abilities

Sandbox is able to alter his body at will, usually doing this in order to create combat weapons or shape his body in a way to ease his movements.


If the Life Gems are removed from the box on his back, Sandbox and consequently Ben will be as good as dead.

Sandbox, like his species, is also prey to the Oisterwrathers.


Sandbox was first used in order to confront the Sandors when the team landed on Saaria, where he was mistakenly considered one of the captives of Galord.


  1. Quicksand (x2)


  • Sandbox is the second alien to be considered a father. However, while Big Chill really gave birth, Sandbox was just mistaken by a family who thought he was their actual father and husband.

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