Neon 10 Sandbox.jpg
General Information
Species Areiapterran
Home World Areiapterra
Body Humanoid Insectoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Sand Generation
Sand Manipulation
Sand Mimicry
Sand Camouflage
Pheromone Gas
Space Survivability
Sandstorm Generation
First Appearance TBA

Sandbox is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Areiapterran from the planet Areiapterra.


Sandbox looks like an adult antlion. His exoskeleton is brown with tan markings. He has a white collar of fur around his neck. Small crater-shaped holes are situated on his abdomen. He has a total of six arms, two which are bigger and pincers at the tip. His eyes are fused, giving the appearance of a visor. He wears a black uniform with a green line going down his chest.

He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his stomach.

In his larva form he has a round body with a green underside and four stumpy segmented legs with one claw each. He has an upside down head with a pair of spiked mandibles and his adult form visor. He wears a black and green uniform.

Powers and Abilities

He can fly.

From the crater-shaped holes and pincers, he can release sand which he can control.

He can change the color of his body to look like sand.

From the collar of fur around his neck he can release a pheromone gas that attracts insects.

By flapping his wings while he releases sand, he can generate sandstorms.

In his larva form he can shoot a torrent of sand from his mouth from the sand he absorbs from the are he's in.

His jaws are strong and can give a nasty bite.


Poisonous chemicals and gases weakens him.

Can't fly with his wings wet.

In his larva form he's useless in a area without sand.


  • The reason many calls this alien useless is because of his larva form, his adult form being the redeeming quality.
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