Sandbox is the DNA sample of a Denamacrone from the planet Sprisomess.

Powers: ******

Strength: ******

Speed: ******

Powers and Abilities: Sand Veiled and Sand Streamed, This powerful alien can control the sand around him and form weapons or protections with it. It’s hard to hurt him, since his body is like the sand unstable. He can even create whips of sand to strike his enemies hard. He has sharp claws able to slice even iron. He can also shape dry and wet sand by will to create organic sand based structures.

Appearance: According to the Codon Stream’s Evolution status, the eyes of Dustressfones have been evolved through years; Though Sandbox can swamp both these eyes at will. The round eye is called “The eye to see” and the evil eye is called “The eye to show”.

He, in his physical look, is made of sand and rock compounds and is black in his original form; though this form is covered with the sand and rock particle compounds.

Weaknesses: Sandbox is completely sand or particles of sand and rock in other way. Because of this, water can make his ‘sand’ wet making him unable to create whips and also loose other sand based abilities.

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