General Information
Species Duntan
Home World Stonulos
Body Shapeshifter
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sandbending


First Appearance Nuevo Negative 10: Good VS Evil

Sandbox is a Duntan from the deserts of Stonulos. He was unlocked by Gwen 10,000 during the NN10-Eon crisis. He was used as bait for the Nuevo Negative 10 in Nuevo Negative 10: Good VS Evil.

Physical Appearance

Not much is known of the looks of a Duntan as they cloak themselves in sand. They are also known as Shapeshifters. Sandbox has a humanoid seize and under the sand, he's black. He have large claws coming from his sleeves and that's all what's known about his appearance. Even his Ultimatrix symbol is hidden under the sand.

Powers and Abilities

Sandbox is a shapeshifter and an escape artist. He's able to blend with the floor, if this is made of dirt, earth of sand. He's able of bending sand: using it as a weapon, changing it's density and others. He's also able of creating sandstorms. In melee combat he uses his shapeshifting abilities and his sharp claws, which are made of highly concentrated sand.


His main weaknesses are water and extreme heat. If the fire is warm enough it can turn the sand is glass.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance

Season 2


  • Credits goes to Khemia-Dragon from DeviantArt.
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