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Sand Ripper is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of a Sand Ripper from the planet Khoros. It is one of Four Arms' predators.


Sand Ripper looks like a large greenish fish with four fins and a large spike on the head. It has double teeth. On its body, it has black stripes.

Powers and Abilities

Sand Ripper is able to see through sand and even rock, which is useful when dealing with a Tetramand.

It has steel-bending jaws, powerful enough to destroy a concrete wall or a metal bar.

Sand Ripper can jump out of the ground.


Even though it is Tetramand's natural predator, Four Arms is actually strong enough to lift a Sand Ripper, when it is out of the ground.



  • Stinkfly referred to it as Sand R.I.P.per when the former was about to defeat him.
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