Sand Ripper
Sand Ripper.png
General Information
Home World Khoros
Body Fish
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Able to swim through sand

Steel-Bending Jaws

Enhanced Speed

Underground Respiration

First Appearance OTTO Motives

Sand Rippers are sand-dwelling predators that reside in the Khoros desert that can "swim" through the sand and jump outside it for hunting.


(see the picture).

Powers and Abilities

Sand Rippers can swim through sand and have protective membranes to shield their eyes so that they can "see" in the sand. They also detect loud movements above them and can launch themselves out of the sand  to abush their prey. They have jaws strong enough to break through the toughest metals.


They are weak against larger enemies.

They can't swim through land.


As a Nemetrix Predator in Evfnye 10

SupresLime's PM cell used Sand Ripper to battle Four Arms in Trap Battle, Part 1.

Dillon Million: Omniforce

When Dill and his team go to Khoros, they are amushed by wild hunting Sand Rippers.

Ben 71: The Planet Wars


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