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San Diego Ironworks
Planet Earth
Location San Diego, California
United States of America
First Appearance Death of Ben 10
Chapter 13

Located in California on the west coast of the United States of America, San Diego Ironworks is an iron forge and the main setting of Act 3 of Death of Ben 10. It became the focus of Apollo's invasion.


San Diego Ironworks is a large factory filled mostly with metal constructs. There are corridors from the outside that lead directly to the main factory floor. The main room is a large open space with black metal engine-like machines. There are many vats of iron, with one large 'main' vat in the centre of the room. There are walkways high above the ground.

There is a sign near the delivery bay with the name of the facility on it. The delivery bay itself has a few trucks parked in it, with many boxes scattered around.

It is located next to a large dock.

It is unknown what exactly this facility does to iron, only that pure molten iron is handled in large amounts.


Death of Ben 10

During Chapter 13, Apollo took over the ironworks with his army of Pyronites while using Ascalon to prevent him to be found by time travellers. Later, the ironworks was infiltrated by Ben Tennyson and his alternate counterparts to confront Apollo. In Chapter 15, Mad Ben died here. Out of fear that he may be overwhelmed, Apollo lowered the temporal cloak allowing Professor Paradox and Eon to join the fight. Apollo then took this opportunity to summon many alternate versions of himself before Ben Prime as a power-boosted Clockwork dismissed every alternate timeline character present (as well as Paradox) to somewhere else.

In Chapter 17 Apollo revealed that he planned to use Ascalon to convert himself into molten iron so that he could merge with the core of the Earth and become a god. However, shortly after becoming iron he was defeated. The roof of the ironworks was destroyed in the process.


Death of Ben 10

Notable Visitors



  • So far, two people have been seen to have died at San Diego Ironworks: An unnamed worker who was killed by a Pyronite soldier while fleeing, and Mad Ben who fell into a vat of molten iron.
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