Samantha Everhart is Ben Tennyson's main love interest in Ben 10: The Omniwars. She is a human/Anodite hybrid, similar to Ben's cousin, Gwen.


Samantha is kind to all people and doesn't discriminate against others because of her mother and father's respective heritages. She is very popular because of this, and she is well-known in Madison Tech.

She is, however, protective of her friends and family, and will go to deep lengths to ensure their safety.

Samantha has a mutual crush on Ben, and even though Ben first thinks that she likes him because of his fame, she really likes him for who he is, not for just his aliens.


Samantha is a light-skinned, blonde girl that is the same height as Ben. She wears earrings. She has a black shirt with a purple outline, and the shirt has a diamond logo.

In her Anodite form, her shirt becomes pink with black stripes, and she has a pinkish-purple aura.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Anodites, Samantha possesses the ability to control mana and form it in to a variety of objects, such as a shield, fist, etc.

When deeply angered, she can summon an ultimate version of her form that is completely omnipotent.

She knows magic by heart and can use spells without chanting them.


The Omniwars

She is played by Kate Hudson.


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