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General Information
Species Plantatians
Home World Plantatia III
Body Humanoid Cactus
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Control over plants/Fires projectiles/Stretch
First Appearance "Breaking Bounds"

Saguara is one of Joe's alien DNA samples that he can transform into when using the KeyTrix in "The Hero Generation." Saguara replaced Thornspike in the new version of The Hero Generation.


Saguara is a cactus-like alien. Saguara has three eyes- one large one on his head, and the other two above his shoulders near his opened seed pod. There are several spiked thorns protruding from his clothes, seed pod, and wrists.


Saguara can shoot thorns as projectiles and can also grow thorns out of his body to protect him. He can also stretch his limbs to various lengths.


Saguara is an superior, evolved plant whose species’ membranes have obtained the power to adapt and react, hence, giving them intelligent life.

Saguara comes from the same homeworld as Thornspike's species.

Appearances in "The Hero Generation"[]


  • Saguara replaced Thornspike in the new version of The Hero Generation as of 10/8/12.
  • Saguara has a mexican accent.
  • saguaras name comes from saguaro a tree sized cactus from the sonoran desert.
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