Sagesse is the wielder of the Nobletrix . He is a Transylian from planet Anur Transyl . He became friends with Spheron (the captain of Atmo-pelarota), Ostrea, his pilot and Tigris, an Apploplexian.


He is a Human-like transylian looking like a human. He can shunned by his friends for his human mother. Spheron, an intellectual Arburian Pelarota created the Nobletrix which crashed in front of Sagesse. Sagesse accidentally opened the pod and the Nobletrix jumped out and stucked on his wrist. Later, he was attacked by Medivalians and defeated them as Humongousaur. Spheron and his team crashed onto Anur Transyl. They greeted Sagesse and welcomed them upon their spaceship.

Ultimate Omnitrix 2

Later, Ostrea heard a distress call from an Orishan called Molluska . So, they landed Atmo-Pelarota on Earth and found Gwen and Tempeter, who were knocked out by Dr. Animo's Bionic Robots. Upon meeting Gwen, he seemed to have a crush on her. He blushed when, she explained that Sagesse saved them (Ben and Kevin). He kissed her before he went abroad the ship, which made Kevin grumble.

He'll possibly make an appearance in Revenge of Zs'Skayr.


  • Like, other Transylian, he has electromagnetism
  • He can fire Electricity
  • Stick to things metallic
  • Regeneration of Electricity


  • He is possibly clumsy at battle.

Aliens he can turn into

All Ben 10 AF and Ben 10 Classic aliens (no additionals).

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