"The Panuncian. A very rare, magnificent and interesting apex predator from the planet Hathor. For itself is a one beast hunting pack for hunting down Splixsons. (Duplicate) and who are the Splixsons? I believe, that you right now, are a Splixson. And to my friend, a delicious meal. (SP) *ROAR*!!!" -Kraven detailing the Panuncian to Duplicate.

Saber Panther, Saber-Toothed Panther for short is part of the Panuncian species.

Only used in the Nemetrix.


Shares the same appearance with the Panuncian race.

A tailed smilodon with a massive mane on its back to its arms and tail, a small horn on its nose and spikes on its tail.


Cat Powers-








Resistance to the cold.



It's a stereotypical fraidy cat that is scared of dogs.

Water shooting inside its mouth.

Beaten up.



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From AL 12 Ben 10 Fan Show.

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