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SPDSTR is an alien in Sean 10: A New Generation. He is a Milperouran from the planet Milen.



SPDSTR is a bipedal velociraptor-like alien. His Codonatrix symbol is on his chest. His entire body is covered in scales. He has a red mohawk-like pattern of feathers on his head. He has claws that he can extend at will, and a fairly long tail with red feathers at the end.


SPDSTR's primary power is superspeed. He can run at speeds of up to 1200 MPH. When he runs at maximum speed, everything around him seems to slow down, so he can anticipate incoming attacks and counterattack. He has a fairly strong bite. He can extend his claws and spin them around extremely fast for a propellor-like effect. SPDSTR can balance on very thin surfaces. He is also very agile. He can jump high, which coupled with his hand-to-hand combat skills, can be a devastating combo. He also has the ability to create tornadoes by spinning.


If SPDSTR runs into an object extremely hard, it could break his bones. He has difficulty running on water, ice, or sticky surfaces. He is fairly clumsy and accident-prone when not running. If he runs at full speed, he has a chance of catching on fire. He is not very strong or durable, and can be hurt when not expecting it.

Personality Changes[]

When Sean turns into SPDSTR, he tends to be an attention hog and will do unnecessary stunts and pointless tricks to make him look good and have others notice him.


  • SPDSTR is Sean's equivalent to XLR8.
  • SPDSTR is short for "speedster".
  • His look is based off of the Velociraptors from Jurassic Park III.