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Ben 10: Eternal Forms
Season 1, Episode 6
Written by Binkatong
Directed by Binkatong
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S.N.A.K.E on a Plane is the 6th episode of the 1st season of Ben 10: Eternal Forms.


          EXT. AFRICAN SAVANNA - DAY                                       
          The sun beats down on the endless yellow grasslands of the       
          savanna. Herds of zebras and water buffalo meander about,        
          nibbling on grass roots. A single dirt road cuts through the     
          A low rumbling sounds, with several higher clatters. The         
          animals look up, scatter. A DIY-looking bus shambles down        
          the road, bouncing up and down with every crack in the road.     
          INT. BUS - CONTINUOUS                                            
          The transport is filled to the brim with African people from     
          all walks of life, from well dressed businessmen to raggedy      
          farmers. Some are chatting, some gaze out the window in          
          silence. Two kids play a clapping game across the back           
          Focus on one lady as she watches the plains roll by. Bored.      
          Until she sees the topless Jeep pulling up next to the bus.      
          Four men sit in it. All are armed. Grinning like devils.         
          EXT. AFRICAN SAVANNA - CONTINUOUS                                
          The bus is surrounded everywhere but the front. 3 identical      
          cars. Uncomfortably close. And getting closer.                   
          The one on the right rubs its side against the bus with a        
          deafening shriek.                                                
          The bus, out of control, skids to a halt.                        
          The cars scatter, then reform in a triangle around the           
          halted vehicle. The bandits get out and surround it.             
          Load their guns.                                                 
          One of the armed men walks up to the door and aims right for     
          the head of the bus driver.                                      
          Note that when the bandits speak they will do so in an           
          African language. Subtitles will be shown to translate.          
                              BANDIT 1                                     
                    Open up!
          The driver fearfully obliges.                                    
          INT. BUS - CONTINUOUS                                            
          The bandit and two others board and observe the cowering         
          passengers through their crosshairs.                             
          One man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a wallet.          
          Holds it out towards the intruders like a dirty rag. Bracing     
                    You can have my money, just don’t                      
                    hurt me...                                             
          The bandit right behind the first snatches it.                   
                              BANDIT 2                                     
                    We appreciate the donation.                            
          He prods the man’s forehead with the barrel of his rifle,        
          making him quiver and shrink into the seat.                      
          The first bandit raises a hand, requesting attention. You        
          could hear a pin drop.                                           
                              BANDIT 1                                     
                    Congratulations. You all have been                     
                    chosen to fight for the service of                     
                    our Kata. You should be glad, it is                    
                    truly an... honor, to die for him.                     
          The other two burst into hyena laughter.                         
          The two children in the back retreat into the arms of their      
          terrified mother. One wails. The response is the barrel of       
          the second bandit’s gun being pointed at the child’s skull.      
                              BANDIT 2                                     
                         (subtitles; to mother)                            
                    Your brats better shut up. We have                     
                    little use for them.                                   
                         (subtitles; absolute horror)                      
                    No, you can’t!                                         
          The bandit just smirks at her. Keeps the gun on them.
          The third steps forward. Lifts his hand above his head-          
          something’s in it. Looks like a metal egg, with something        
          coming out of the top. It hums.                                  
                              BANDIT 1                                     
                         (subtitles, smirking)                             
                    I’m sure you all can’t wait to get                     
                    started. Lucky for you, it won’t be                    
                    much longer.                                           
          The point on top of the egg pops up. Sparks. Buzzes like a       
          swarm of bees.                                                   
          EXT. AFRICAN SAVANNA - CONTINUOUS                                
          WIDE: SAVANNA                                                    
          The bus is barely a dot on the screen. A dome of white light     
          forms around it with a muffled puff. Explodes into a             
          blinding shock-wave that sends the herds stampeding and          
          reaches all the way to the camera. It dissipates.                
          The bus is gone.                                                 
          THEME SONG

Act I[]

          EXT. DESERT - EVENING                                            
          Cold opening. Gwen is in the air, darting and weaving            
          through the magenta projectiles flying at her from every         
          direction. Wrists and ankles cuffed together and useless.        
          Without the use of her arms and legs, she is struggling. She     
          would have been even if they were free. We see her opponent-     
          Grandma Verdona. Making Gwen both handicapped and                
                    Come on, Gwen, use your hair!                          
                    I’m trying!                                            
          Verdona launches a mana missile right at her. She attempts       
          to catch it with her energy tendrils, but she’s too slow.        
          Hits her right in the stomach.                                   
          The impact sends her flying off like a rocket into the           
          distance. In a split second she’s practically out of sight.
          And hearing range. Verdona sighs.                                
                    This is going to be a long                             
                    seventy-five years...                                  
          Cut to Gwen, still barreling backwards. Totally out of           
          control. She tries to flail her bound extremities to regain      
          balance, but it’s futile. Losing altitude.                       
          Slams into the ground. Bounces. Flips and rolls a good fifty     
          yards forward before skidding to a halt on her back. Groans      
          in pain and frustration.                                         
          She doesn’t get up. Instead, takes a few deep breaths to         
          steady herself. Closes her eyes.                                 
                         (calm, even tone)                                 
                    I can do this. It’s just another                       
                    part of my body, I have total                          
          Her affirmation is cut short by the pitch-hiking wail of a       
          speeding car coming right towards her.                           
          She jolts into a sitting position. Gives the headlights a        
          deer stare. Tries to stand and run, but only manages to flip     
          onto her stomach. Wriggles for the side of the road. Not a       
          chance of making it.                                             
          In a last ditch effort she throws her mana hair forward,         
          wrapping it around a nearby cactus. Pulls. Slides right off      
          the street.                                                      
          And into a face-full of cactus needles.                          
          The car skitters to a halt little distance down the road.        
          Doors pop open.                                                  
          Gwen sits up. Tries to pluck the spines from her face,           
          though it’s difficult and awkward with her hands tied            
          together. A shadow approaches from behind.                       
          She turns. A dark-skinned man, suit and sunglasses. When he      
          speaks, he does with an accent. He looks her over                
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    Are you Gwen Tennyson?                                 
          She glances down at herself. Looks up, "no-duh" stare.
                    What do you think?                                     
          INT. LOS SOLEDAD - MEETING ROOM - NIGHT                          
          The meeting room is a space set up in one of the Los Soledad     
          buildings, and will be a recurring setting in this show. The     
          colors are gray and drab like the rest of the abandoned          
          base, but special touches have been added to make homey. A       
          couch in the corner with a little TV. A work bench with          
          alien tech scattered across it. A wooden table in the center     
          with a few fold-up chairs.                                       
          In those chairs sit Ben as Swampfire, Gwen (still shackled),     
          and the man in the suit. Kevin leans against a wall nearby.      
                    It’s a country in central Africa.                      
                    Never heard of it.                                     
                    Doesn’t mean much from the guy who                     
                    suggested hiding out in Canadia.                       
                    It’s a common mistake!                                 
                         (to Man in Suit)                                  
                    Excuse them. So you’re here on                         
                    behalf of the Yaronda government?                      
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    Indeed, and I am here to request-                      
                         (cutting off)                                     
                    That we risk our own butts to go                       
                    and fix some mess you got                              
                    yourselves into? No thanks.                            
                    We don’t do politics. Never ends                       
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    You must understand, this is an                        
                    issue that directly involves your-                     
                    Not interested.                                        
                    Oh come on guys, at least hear him                     
                         (to Man in Suit)                                  
                    What is it you need help with                          
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    Kata’s Army.                                           
          The man gets up and crosses folds his arms behind his back.      
          stares into the distance away from the table dramatically.       
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    A rebellion force led by a man                         
                    named John Kata. He kidnaps                            
                    innocent civilians and forces them                     
                    to fight for his cause and raid the                    
                    cities they lived in. If they                          
          He trails off. Swampfire and Gwen look at each other,            
          disgusted at the idea.                                           
                    That’s terrible!                                       
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    It has been reported that several                      
                    American tourists have been taken.                     
                    Still not our problem. We’re only                      
                    kinda affiliated with the US. Go                       
                    ask the FBI.                                           
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    We also have reason to believe that                    
                    Kata is in possession of some                          
                    powerful alien technology.                             
          Gwen and Swampfire look surprised. They turn to Kevin.
                    That, on the other hand, is our                        
                    What proof does he have?                               
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                         (from behind)                                     
                    Several buses have suddenly                            
                    vanished off the road in flashes of                    
                    bright light. Their passengers were                    
                    later found acting as soldiers in                      
                    Kata’s Army.                                           
                    Sounds like tech to me.                                
                    It’s worth checking out.                               
          Kevin sighs and grunts.                                          
                    Fine. But after we snag the tech                       
                    we’re out of there. No getting                         
          Swampfire turns back to the man.                                 
                    We’re in.                                              
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    Ah, that is a relief to hear!                          
          He stands and holds out a hand across the table. Swampfire       
          accepts the handshake.                                           
          The man hands Swampfire a slip of paper with an address,         
          along with two plane boarding passes.                            
          Gwen cranes her neck to see what he got, since she can           
          neither stand nor grab at it; he passes her one of the           
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    Meet us at this airport tomorrow at                    
                    nine AM. We will be flying straight                    
                    to Yaronda. Tell no one.
          Gwen and Swampfire examine the boarding passes.                  
                    You’re sending us on a public                          
                    First class, not bad. I don’t see                      
                    the problem.                                           
                    Ben, we’re aliens. I doubt they’d                      
                    even let us on the plane.                              
                    ...good point. Can’t we just, ya                       
                    know, fly ourselves?                                   
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    The rebels are watching air traffic                    
                    along the borders. They have made                      
                    it clear that they will shoot down                     
                    everything but registered passenger                    
                    Including us.                                          
                    Ooooh, I get it! You’re using the                      
                    plane as a cover to get us past                        
                    their watch.                                           
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    Well, if we’re leaving tomorrow                        
                    morning, I should have Grandma take                    
                    these cuffs off now so I can-                          
          She’s cut off by a door swinging open. Verdona pokes her         
          head through.                                                    
                    Not unless you’ve learned to                           
                    control your mana hair.
                    Grandma, this is important, I think                    
                    we can put the exercise aside for-                     
                         (cutting her off again)                           
                    If you can’t do it with your hands                     
                    and feet tied together, you have no                    
                    business doing it at all!                              
                    But Grandma!-                                          
          And she’s gone, as suddenly as she appeared. Gwen slumps in      
          her chair.                                                       
                    I think I’ll have to sit this one                      
                    out, guys.                                             
                    I guess we can handle this on our                      
                    My only question, how are we going                     
                    to get me on the plane?                                
          The man looks puzzled for a moment, and pulls out a few          
          papers. Flips through.                                           
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    I’m afraid you won’t be getting on                     
                    at all.                                                
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    I only have invitations issued for                     
                    Ben and Gwen Tennyson, nothing                         
                    for... (beat) Who are you again?                       
          Kevin takes a threatening stomp closer to the man. He jumps      
          up in his seat.                                                  
                    That’s not fair! I work just as                        
                    hard as either of those two!
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    Don’t blame me, I’m simply the                         
          Gwen turns in her chair and puts her hands on Kevin’s arm        
          calmly. Looks up at him.                                         
                    It’s not worth it.                                     
          Kevin looks down at her, grunts, and returns to leaning on       
          the wall.                                                        
                    Guess that means I’m ridin’ solo.                      
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    Not exactly.                                           
          EXT. AIRPORT - AVIATION PARKING - MORNING                        
          The part of the airport where airplanes are kept when            
          they’re being loaded with passengers before takeoff. A           
          single airliner sits far from any of the gates, a rolling        
          staircase leading up to its door. The man in the suit stands     
          beside it, and a group of four lingering nearby.                 
          Big Chill touches down before the man. The man gestures to       
          the group and opens his mouth to say something-                  
          One of the boys in the group pushes forward and steps right      
          between Big Chill and the man. He’s a burly teen, 16 or so,      
          with a football jersey and a proud stance. He has two black      
          dots equidistant on his forehead, and from behind we can see     
          two purplish gems going up from the base of his skull            
          through his stubbly blond buzz cut.                              
                    Well well, if it isn’t the great                       
                    Ben 10.                                                
          He holds out his hand for Ben to shake.                          
                    Magister Tennyson has told us a lot                    
                    about you.                                             
                              BIG CHILL                                    
                    You know Grandpa?
                    Of course, we’re his new team.                         
                    S.N.A.K.E’s our name. The next                         
                    generation of half-alien heroes!                       
          He shift to the side and points out the other teammates one      
          by one:                                                          
                    That’s Deon-                                           
          A tall, dark skinned boy with the beginnings of an afro. His     
          dress is cleaned and polished, and he has an awkward air to      
          his posture.                                                     
          A red-haired beauty with an intense and annoyed look to her.     
          She shamelessly wears booty shorts and a brick red, rather       
          revealing sweetheart top a la Jennifer Nocturne’s dress in       
          Catch a Falling Star.                                            
          She’s barely there, under the pulled hoodie and baggy            
          sweatpants. Her hands are pushed in her pockets and her          
          shadow-cast face hangs slightly.                                 
                    And there’s Timothy on her                             
          A tiny Galvan boy perches on Ondine’s shoulder. A small tuft     
          of brown hear sprouts from the top of his head.                  
          The boy points to himself dramatically.                          
                    And I’m Agent Josh Kyle.                               
                    Technically we’re not supposed to                      
                    have ranks in our group, but I’m                       
                    kinda their leader.                                    
          Behind him, the man taps his foot.
                              MAN IN SUIT                                  
                    We must hurry, we have a tight                         
          Josh takes the liberty of boarding first, without so much as     
          looking at anyone else. Big Chill shakes his head and            
          motions for the rest of the team to go ahead before him.         
          Tabby passes by him, followed by Ondine, still with Timothy      
          riding her. They both slow down near him.                        
                    He is not our leader.                                  
                    He’s not even an agent yet!                            
          Timothy giggles as the girls carry him away and onto the         
          plane. Big Chill follows them.                                   
          The camera zooms out until the whole plane can be seen and       
          the edge of the airport roof is in the foreground. A             
          darkened figure sits on the ledge, overlooking the scene         
          with binoculars.                                                 
          EXTREME CLOSE UP: FIGURE’S FACE                                  
          His lips curl up into a diabolical grin.                         
          INT. AIRPLANE - MAIN CABIN - CONTINUOUS                          
          The plane is nearly empty, besides Ben and S.N.A.K.E. Big        
          Chill glances around, confused.                                  
                              BIG CHILL                                    
                    Aren’t there supposed to be                            
          They all slip into their seats, all in a single row. Big         
          Chill ends up in the second seat from the window, right next     
          to Deon.                                                         
                    That man said he didn’t want to                        
                    risk any spies getting on board.                       
          Big Chill pauses for a second, staring Deon down                 
          quizzically. He starts looking rather uncomfortable. Pulls       
          at his collar.
                              BIG CHILL                                    
                    Your voice sounds really familiar.                     
          Just like that, the nerves vanish.                               
                    Well, I was a quarter-finalist on                      
                    SuperStar Singoff.                                     
                              BIG CHILL                                    
                    Wait, seriously?                                       
          Ondine suddenly leans over across the aisle.                     
                    He would have gotten farther if he                     
                    didn’t power up onstage his first                      
                    live performance.                                      
          Deon buries his face in one hand in embarrassment.               
                              BIG CHILL                                    
                    Actually I think I remember hearing                    
                    something about that...                                
                    duplication, right?                                    
          No response.                                                     
                         (loud whisper)                                    
                    He doesn’t like talking about it.                      
                              BIG CHILL                                    
                    Oh. Uh... What I meant was, weren’t                    
                    you the guy who gave Kevin and I                       
                    the hint on where Gwen was two                         
                    weeks ago?                                             
                    Oh yeah. That too.                                     
                              CAPTAIN (V.O)                                
                         (over intercom)                                   
                    This is your captain speaking, we                      
                    are preparing for take off.
          EXT. AIRPORT - RUNWAY - CONTINUOUS                               
          Camera follows the plane outside as it starts down the           
          In the background, the captain’s voice gives the usual           
          lecture about seat belts and no smoking and putting your         
          seat in the upright position until further notice.               
          Cut to:                                                          
          EXT. AIRPLANE - DAY                                              
          Thousands of feet in the air, right over the cloud line. We      
          see the tail of the plane, which reads Lusitania Airlines.       
          INT. AIRPLANE - MAIN CABIN - CONTINUOUS                          
          Seat belt signs turn off.                                        
                              CAPTAIN (V.O)                                
                    You are now free to move about the                     
                    Thank god.                                             
          She stands, without having to unbuckle. Timothy gives her a      
          questioning look.                                                
                    Did you even put your seat belt on?                    
          She just shrugs. Squeezes past Josh and into the aisle.          
          Retreats to the back towards the bathrooms.                      
                    Poor girl, her Orishan DNA gives                       
                    her an overactive bladder.                             
                              BIG CHILL                                    
                         (grossed out)                                     
                    TMI, Ondine!
                    Oh, sorry.                                             
          Timothy hops off of Ondine’s shoulder and lands on the           
          armrest, facing Big Chill.                                       
                    Changing the subject... you can                        
                    turn into a Galvan, right?                             
                              BIG CHILL                                    
                    Yes, and a lot of other stuff too.                     
          Timothy looks down shyly, rubs the back of his head.             
                    Well, uh... you think you could                        
                    turn into one for me? I’ve never                       
                    gotten to see another one before.                      
          EXT. AIRPLANE - CONTINUOUS                                       
          We see the exterior of the plane as the conversation             
          continues inside.                                                
                              BIG CHILL                                    
                    You haven’t?                                           
          6 small red dots creep into the frame from the side of the       
          screen with the plane’s tail.                                    
                              BIG CHILL                                    
                    You’re half alien, right? What                         
                    about your mom or dad?                                 
          The dots are getting closer. They form a ring around the         
          plane’s body.                                                    
                    I never met my dad. My mom said she                    
                    would take me to meet him, but then                    
                    I turned full Galvan last year and                     
                    ran away in a panic, so...                             
          They all touch down on various parts of the plane.               
          places an odd machine down on the plane’s exterior. It looks     
          like a bowl with three metal, egg-shaped masses, passed with     
          wild masses of wires. Four prongs sprout from the bottom of      
          the bowl, digging into the metal. The tips of the eggs glow      
                              BIG CHILL                                    
                    Aw man, that stinks. Sure, I’ll                        
                    show you Grey Matter.                                  
          INT. AIRPLANE - MAIN CABIN - CONTINUOUS                          
          Timothy watches in excitement as Big Chill stands, unfolds       
          his wings so he can get at the Omnitrix, and presses down. A     
          bubbling flash of green. Big Chill is gone, and in his           
          The Ultimatrix?                                                  
          Ondine, Timothy and Deon lean over to stare at the               
          motionless alien watch on the ground, horribly confused.         
          Tabby comes from down the walkway, stops and raises an           
          eyebrow at the scene.                                            
          Beat of tense silence. The faceplate glows green.                
                    I’m okay!                                              
          When in Ultimatrix mode, Ben’s voice sounds like his own,        
          only electronically distorted.                                   
          Deon sighs with relief. Timothy looks dissapointed.              
                    Weren’t you gonna go Grey Matter?                      
                    Well, I was trying to... hold on...                    
          The faceplate pops up, generating a hologram of Big Chill.       
          It starts turning, changing the picture- Cannonbolt, Echo        
          Echo, Ampfibian, finally Grey Matter. It slams itself down       
          with another flash.                                              
          The light fades. Nothing happened.
                    What the-                                              
          He’s cut short but the sound of metal clattering to the          
          ground, followed by a woosh of air. Their heads all shot up      
          and around towards the source of the noise.                      
          A sizable hole cut right into the ceiling of the cabin.          
          The air stops rushing, as if the pressure had equaled out        
          which it shouldn’t have under the circumstances. They watch      
          in stillness, holding their breath.                              
          Someone falls down through the opening into a crouch. Rises.     
          It’s one of the Falcon guys from the opening of Goodbye and      
          Good Riddance. A man clad in full body blackish-blue armor       
          resembling a bird, completely with a wing cape.                  
          Two of the emergency exit doors are kicked open. There’s no      
          rush of air this time. Five more enter the cabin, all            
          different colors- red, green, and purple from the left door,     
          and gold and grey from the right.                                
          The Blue Falcon smirks.                                          
                              BLUE FALCON                                  
                    Alright, let’s get this over with.                     
          He lifts his right hand. In it, and energy pistol. Charged       
          and loaded.                                                      
          Pointing right at them.                                           
          END OF ACT I