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Ryu Kurosaki
Ryu kurosaki stand
General Information
Species Human E.V.O
Age 16
Affiliations Team Yusuke
Occupation(s) Hero
Powers and abilities
Abilities Technopathy
Creation and manifestation of machines in his body
High Durability
Equipment Nanite Machines (create with his powers)
Relatives Kim and Ni (Sisters)
Yusuke Lee (Friend)
Itsuki "Ikki" Daisuke
Ashley Katson (Close friend)
Elizabeth McKenneth (Girlfriend)
Alias Ikki
Voice Actor TBA (English Voice)
TBA (Japanese Voice)
First Appearance Crossbite Pt2

Ryu Kurosaki is Human E.V.O from the planet Earth in Yusuke 10 who Power of Nanite Machines. Instead character of Rex Salazar.


Powers & Abilities[]

Like all living things on his Earth, Ryu has billions of nanites inside his body. After activation, their nanites mutate a normal being into an EVO. However, unlike most EVOs, Ryu has the ability to control his nanites at will, allowing him to build various machines on his body. He can also use his nanites to communicate with a variety of machines and cure some EVOs of their mutations.


Yusuke 10[]

  • Crossbite Pt2 (First Appearance)