Ryoto Fenix
General Information
Species Gestalten Human
Home World Earth
Age 15
Occupations Mr. Smoothie's Employee
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Gestalten Physiology
Zetatrix Usage
Equipment Zetatrix
Relatives Doctor Fenix
Aliases Ryo
Let's Get Into Overdrive!

–Ryoto's catchphrase

Ryoto Fenix is the main character of the series Ryo 10. He first appeared in The Day The Hero Awakens. He is a Gestalten Human who wields the Zetatrix.


Ryoto stands at 5'5, has short light brown hair and yellow eyes. His casual attire consists of a grey undershirt with a large yellow exclamation mark logo on it. He wears a black jacket over it, although never zips it up. He wears brown shoes.

The Zetatrix sits on his right wrist.


Ryo has a very lowkey personality, usually never seeking attention from others and fitting into the background. Funnily, he always seems to be at the forefront of some situation or event that makes him stand out from the crowd. He prefers to keep on the down-low.

Once he retrieves the Zetatrix, he initially doesn't accept the call to heroism as that would mean he'd have to give up the quiet life he had once held so dear. Despite this, Ryo tries to portray himself as an optimist and doesn't project his negative feelings onto others.

Ryoto shouts "Let's Get Into Overdrive!" as a catchphrase.

Powers and Abilities

  • Gestalten Physiology: Ryo as a Gestalten has naturally enhanced senses, durability as well as reflexes.
  • Zeta Field: Because of his Gestalten Physiology, Ryo possesses a natural invisible barrier of energy that will appear when Ryo is presented with any major physical damage. The Zeta Field is also what holds Ryo's form together, as without it he would rapidly change from form to form.
  • Zetatrix: The Zetatrix is a DNA-Stabilizer and Weaponization Device attached to Ryo's wrist. The Zetatrix is able to shape and manipulate Ryo's Zeta Field in order to change his form into one of the many alien forms.


  • Zeta Field Corrosion: Ryo's Zeta Field is able to be 'corroded' or destabilized, which removes its protective and form-keeping properties. Without it, he'd rapidly begin to change from form to form.
  • Zeta Depletion: Because of Ryo's relative unuse of his Zeta Field, it is only able to maintain other forms temporarily before eventually shifting him back into his default human body. The time limit will be lifted upon Ryo growing.
  • Weak Body: Despite his natural durability and endurance, Ryo's body is still physically underdeveloped as he isn't particularly strong or agile in his human form.




  • The Day The Hero Awakens


  • Ryo is based, albeit very slightly, on Shinji Ikari from the popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.
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