Rynaxx Bexley (J2)
General Information
Species Chimera Sui Generis/Human
Home World Earth
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Agility, Super Durability, Super Speed, Amphibious.
First Appearance TBA

Voiced by Tara Strong


The second child of Jim and Kyzan, during Pregnancy, her mother decided to give the Ultimatrix to Lorik for safe keeping, so that her second child would not be as Mutants as her first.

Rynaxx was born looking rather humanoid, a few short tentacles were mixed in with her hair, but apart from that, she seemed mostly normal, the only abnormality was the Blood Red Gemstone that she had in her hand as she was born. Jim recognized it immediately, a Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, just like his.

Rynaxx grew up learning from her father how to control the power that the gem possessed. How to control her anger so she wouldn't become mindless tool of destruction that the Juggernaut was known to be. When she was 14, her father and Lorik managed to finish creating a machine that would allow Jim to travel too and from his home-dimension. however, Rynaxx decided to use it first, she appeared in her fathers universe and was quickly found by Charles Xavier and brought to the X-Men Academy (now set up on the new Mutant Homeworld, Click for more details) There, she took on the name J2 (Short for Juggernaut 2) and joined the elite team called the X-Men. Her father came through and explained everything to his old teacher, how he was now living in a different dimension. Xavier gladly accepted her onto the team where she trained for many years, her father even gave her his old belt from his X-Men days.

During her time in the X-men, she was contacted by Doctor Strange, who told her that her entire body was saturated with Magic because of the Crimson Gem. He told her that he could teach her to harness that magic and use it to gain more power. She then left the X-men and spent time training with Doctor Strange.

She remains a member of the X-Men, and will often cross back to see her family, and sometimes help in missions of Flushout Squad (Even though she is not a formal member.)


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