Episode Name Description Airdate
Evil's Debut Animo makes his return, and attacks Plumber HQ with some new friends. 12/16
A Blast of Magic Lucky Girl enters the frame, becoming one of Ryder's most challenging enemies. Can he beat her with a new alien form? 12/18
Inferno (Ryder 10) Ryder's group fights Vulkanus to stop him from detonating the Earth's core. 12/23
Ultimate Weapon (Ryder 10) It's a race for the Ultimate Weapon, the Sword of Ek Chuaj, between Ryder and the Forever Knights. 12/26
Fool's Gold An encounter with Lucky Girl at Fort Knox is more than just a chance at revenge. She's been hired to capture Ryder, though she's got something else in mind. 1/6/15
No Honor Among Bros (Ryder 10) Fistrick leads an underground fighting tournament, Ryder and his friends entering to claim the prize. 1/8
Hit 'Em Where They Live (Ryder 10) Ryder finds he's made it to his home town, and attempts a reunion with his mom. However, Psyphon follows him, having other plans. 1/13
Lucky Charm (Ryder 10) Lucky Girl stumbles across Hex, a master magician. Lucky Girl becomes his apprentice, where she learns a secret about herself. 1/15
Return to Forever Part 1 (Ryder 10) Ryder and his friends get dragged into a war between the Forever Knight factions, each trying to find the ultimate weapon that can kill the dragon and make them the true king. 1/20
Return to Forever Part 2 (Ryder 10) Things take a turn for the worse as Chadwick reveals his ultimate weapon, while the dragon breaks free from captivity. 1/22
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