Episode Name Description Airdate
Grudge Match (Ryder 10) Vilgax is fully recovered, and goes after Ryder himself. 9/30
Rules of Engagement (Ryder 10) Kevin's past comes back to haunt him as his fiancee comes after him. 10/2
Trust Ryder reunites with the Road Crew, though a philosophy change has shaken up Ryder. 10/7
Spark the Flame The group runs into Grey, who's lost control of his Nosedeenians. 10/9
Pesticide Ryder comes face to face with Clancy, a bug manipulating villain. 10/14
The Alliance (Ryder 10) A biker becomes caught in the middle between Vilgax's quest and Ryder. 10/16
Pet Project (Ryder 10) The Forever Knights, following an ancient prophecy, attempt to capture Ryder for the Omnitrix. 10/21
The Visitor (Ryder 10) The group encounters Xylene, who demands the Omnitrix back. 10/23
The Color of Monkey (Ryder 10) Argit meets up with his old friend Simian, who convinces him and Kevin to help break into Plumbers HQ. 10/28
Back With a Vengeance (Ryder 10) With Vilgax and Ryder in the Null Void, the rest of the Plumbers try to save Ryder, as well as figuring out who was resposible. 11/4
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