Episode name Description Air Date
Hot Stretch (Ryder 10) As Ryder begins along the path of the hero, he gives chase to Ester, who stole a fusion engine. 8/12
Be-Knighted (Ryder 10) Ryder makes his first encounter with the Forever Knights. 8/14
On the Hunt (Ryder 10) Ryder and Ester make their way to Los Vegas, where Lt. Steel finally catches up with them. 8/19
Hunter Becomes the Hunted (Ryder 10) Ryder has to team up with an advesary to break into Area 51. 8/21
Last Laugh (Ryder 10) Ryder and Ester find their way to the circus. 8/26
Everybody Talks About the Weather (Ryder 10) Ryder gets caught in an event with the Police as he meets an alien hybrid, Alan. 8/28
Croak Goes the Frog Dr. Animo makes his debut. 9/2
The Whistler Ryder meets Khyber for the first time. 9/4
Jaws of Steel After being baited, Ryder goes after Steel headon. 9/9
Ghostfreaked Out (Ryder 10) Zs'Skayr makes his debut, and uses SACT in an attempt to take Earth. 9/11
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