Episode name Description Air Date
Rev it Up A member of a biker gang finds the Omnitrix, and uses it to do whatever he wants. 5/20
Hit the Road The SACT is sent to capture Ryder, the alien terrorizing the planet. 5/22
On the Road Again Ryder befriends Argit and Kevin, the two assisting in his escape from SACT. 5/27
The Grey While meeting with another crew, they encounter Grey, an alien preaching to Ryder about using the Omnitrix responsibly. 5/29
Hunted Bounty Hunters come after Ryder and the Omnitrix. 6/3
Outbreak Ryder and his new crew works to break his old gang out of prison, falling into SACT's trap. 6/5
Between a Rock and a Hard Place Vulkanus is sent after Ryder to get the Omnitrix, expecting a big pay day. 6/10
Don't Fear the Repo The Vreedle Brothers are sent after Ryder. 6/12
Ride for Your Life Part 1 Ryder meets Julie, as several groups of bounty hunters come after him. To make matters worse, Grey comes after him as well. 6/18
Ride for Your Life Part 2 Ryder has to find a way to escape Grey, defeat the bounty hunters, and save his friends. But Grey won't let him do it without some soul searching. 6/21
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