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Ryder is a spin-off series of Mutant Drake, written by Bat24 and Brandon 10, that follows the main protagonist, Ryder, after his experiences on Mutant Drake. As he briefly retires from his job as an investigator, Ryder must return to his profession when enemies from his past return to the city.


Ryder isn't your ordinary investigator. He has a special mutant ability which causes him to transform into a beast-like creature that hunts for vengeance. After investigating into a certain Mutant vigilante, he returns to the city to find more Mutants and more mysteries that need to be solved. With the assistance of an old friend, he'll find the people that did him wrong in his past and decide if he's either the man or the monster.


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  • Ryder is the first spin-off series for the series, Mutant Drake.
    • It is also the first spin-off series for anything produced by both Bat24 and Brandon 10.
  • The series had a few potential titles during its production. One of which was Ryder Investigations while the other was simply, The Ryder.


Main Characters
RyderJessica KellyRaggy
Secondary Characters
Chloe WilliamsDavid Allen
The Cabal
Max Kane • Malin • Justin Blood • TBA • TBA • TBA • TBA • TBA
Season 1 Episodes
The DrifterShape of YouLost and not FoundFacadeRaiders of the Lost City Part 1Raiders of the Lost City Part 2ReckoningDual DeductionsAccusationsWar StoriesPaper TrailsThe Monster WithinReturn of the Ryder

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