Ryan Wilson
General Information
Species Human
Age Unknown
Residence Palatial Valley Apartments
Status Alive
Affiliations NYPD
Occupations Detective
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Investigative Skills
Police Training
Equipment Gun
NYPD Badge
Alias(es) Detective
Cop (Drake)
Mr. Wilson
Relatives Kate Wilson (Daughter)
First Appearance City of Change
Voice Actor Nolan North

Ryan Wilson is a character in the series, Mutant Drake.


Ryan takes the appearance of an adult man with blonde hair that is short and straight and has blue eyes. He wears a  brown jacket over a white buttoned shirt, a brown tie, black belt, dark pants, an expensive gold watch, and black boots. Sometimes Ryan tends to take off his jacket, mainly at home or work.


Ryan has the personality of a hard working man who tends to take things seriously especially we're they're important to him. When it comes to his daughter, he tries to act positively towards her, trying to make her feel comfortable and safe. Ryan also tends to persue something when he puts his mind to it, making it difficult to focus on other things, almost like an obsession. Ryan also feels threatened by things he doesn't understand, calling them out and making them appear as dangerous which is the case of how he feels about Mutants in general.

Powers and Abilities

Like a regular person, Ryan has dormant Nanogenes which means he posesses no special abilties. He is however trained professionally by the police department in combat and has skills which drive his career as a Detective, this meaning he can piece things together using the clues in front of him, helping him solve crimes, mysteries and locate objects or people.


Being a regular person, Ryan is exposed to any type of danger that can harm or kill him.





Kate Wilson

Kate is the daughter of Ryan and he cares for her so much that he will do whatever it takes for her, even working with his enemies.


Love Interests


NYPD Comissioner

Ryan has had a close relationship with the Commissioner to a point where they can talk regularly and ask each other for favors however they are still at a level where the Commissioner feels and knows that he is above Ryan which Ryan seems to ignore at times, risking his career and relationship.

Officer North

Ryan was North's partner in which they would go on patrol and investigate crimes together. Ryan was affected by the attack on North which sent him to the hospital. However, he saw this more of an attack on Humanity by Mutant Kind rather than someone hurting his partner. It is unknown if they were friends.


Mutant Drake


  • It's possible that Ryan's first name came from actor, Ryan Reynolds as he played as Wade Wilson, a character with the same surname.
    • To add to this, Nolan North is credited as both Ryan Wilson and Wade Wilson's voice actor.


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